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  1. Business of Coding: Michael Lopp Head of Engineering at Pinterest

    In this edition of Business of Coding, Quick Left CPO Joe Stump talks to Head of Engineering at Pinterest, Michael Lopp. Throughout this podcast, Joe and Michael talk about his new position as a manager at a pre-existing company. What are the first things you look to do when entering in as the outsider? Michael explains the importance of the company culture, and the two also discuss the possible red flags and green flags that a person should look for in the organization of a company.

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  2. 140: With My Guest Brett Terpstra with Merlin Mann

    Guest-Host Merlin Mann welcomes Guest-Guest Brett Terpstra to subvert the

    show's format like never before, discuss their mutual "connected TV"

    hangups, and the progress of Brett's "shower practice" since last they


    It's true: you, too, can be a #MarkdownHacker/#PencilHacker/#ShovelHacker.

    Welcome back to Religion Talk!

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