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  1. TWiL 28: Watching The Watchers

    Hosts: Denise Howell, J. Matt Buchanan, Stephen Nipper, and Adam Bagwell. Twitter sued over patent, VoloMedia’s podcasting patent and RSS, patent trolls, and more.

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  2. BOL 1034: Life is short, have pie

    Radio Shack, as we mentioned yesterday, is changing to The Shack. But a good restaurant in Connecticut is also called The Shack and has pie. Radio Shack does not have pie. They lose. We also talk about Google dropping search share and the rumored new PS3.

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  3. #165 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast

    Buying ads on viral videos before they break big and how things spread (and how fast they go away). Do brands still need to worry about what people are saying about them online? Enjoy the conversation.

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  4. This Week in Law: Twit Live

    Hosts: Denise Howell, Ernie Svenson, Evan Brown, and Colette Vogele

    TechCrunch’s Twitter publications, Google Book Search settlement, Lori Drew, Amazon Kindle’s "1984" situation, and more.

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  5. Rebooting The News #17

    Dave Winer and Jay Rosen asses the controversy surrounding TechCrunch reported on documents—including business plans and projections—taken from private email accounts that belong to Twitter employees.

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  6. Bad Hair Day #4

    Podcast was recorded at 7PM on July 16, 2009.

    Chris Saad, Doc Searls, Marshall Kirkpatrick & Dave Winer discuss the TechCrunch report on information hacked out of Twitter.

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