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  1. Special: Public service roll och oberoende i händelse av krig

    Idag ser vi Sveriges Television och Sveriges Radio som oberoende och självständiga aktörer. Armlängds avstånd till staten. Men i sändningstillstånden som reglerar bolagen finns formuleringar som, om kriget kommer, öppnar för att kasta omkull det.

    Ingen vill ju att det ska hända, men om det händer: vilken beredskap finns och hur utrett är det egentligen vilken roll SR och SVT ska ha?

    Hela programmet om vilken roll SVT och SR kommer att spela i händelse av att Sverige hamnar i krig.

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  2. Kevlin Henney - 3 Things Every Programmer Should Know

    by Roy Osherove filed under Audio | Conference

    During the ACCU 2010 conference in London, I got to get on audio, several of the interesting people who attended and spoke at the conference.

    One of them was Kevlin Henney. I first got to see him speaking during NDC 2009 in Norway. He was fascinating in the way he approached sophisticated architecture topics, and his lively and funny way of making everything more understandable.

    Kevlin is also the main character behind the book 97 things every developer should know and several other books.

    In this 20 minute audio mp3, we start off with a simple question: what are the three things every programmer should know? (you can watch Kevlin on this years NDC in Norway as well. I highly recommend it! (he’s also on twitter)

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  3. Leonard Cohen on Kaleidoscope | Towers of Song Wed, 29 Jan 14, BBC Radio 4

    Duration: 28 mins Songwriter Leonard Cohen reflects on the art of songwriting with the help of collaborator Jennifer Warnes and long time fan Suzanne Vega in this Kaleidoscope special. Cohen tells the stories behind some of his most famous songs and recalls an eventful session with a gun obsessed Phil Spector.

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