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  1. Roe & Roeper - Woody Harrelson

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  2. Don & Roma - Ann Coulter

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  3. Don & Roma - Former Navy Seal Leif Babin

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  4. Roe & Roeper - Navy Seal Ryan Zinke

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  5. WLS 890AM Vince Flynn

    WLS-AM 890 Radio Chicago


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  6. What the Tech 103

    This week on What The Tech: Andrew and Paul discuss the situation with MegaUpload. Why did the FBI target them? Should similar services be worried? Andrew brings up recent Xbox vNext rumors. Will it do away with optical media all together? Andrew also dis



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  7. Current Geek Episode 189: Sopa on the Ropa | Current Geek!


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  8. Roe & Roeper - Vanessa Rosales - Cruise Ship Survivor

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  9. Episode 68


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  10. Episode 67


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