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  1. Help! - Radiolab

    What do you do when your own worst enemy is…you?


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  2. 147: Diffusion of Innovations | Out of School

    Fraser and Bradley discuss Office 365, Pixar in a Box, AirPlay, and start a series on Diffusion of Innovations Sponsors TapTyping EZWatch.com Showbie Links Pixar in a Box Diffusion of Innovations


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  3. Speak so people want to listen to you | Late Nights with Trav and Los

    In this episode Trav and Los talk about what you can do, such that, people will want to listen to you.


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  4. Stop limiting yourself | Late Nights with Trav and Los

    In this episode Trav and Los talk to you about not limiting yourself and what you can do to expand you capacities.


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  5. Get stuff done - developing this one skill | Late Nights with Trav and Los

    Los talks about a powerful skill anyone can obtain without a mentor or teacher.


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  6. Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 17

    Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Topics for this episode: ## Announcements - New desk, new mic setup ## News - SSL vuln spoofing issue, requires mitm -


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  7. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Episode 613 - President Barack Obama

    Marc welcomes the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to the garage for conversation about college, fitting in, race relations, gun violence, changing the status quo, disappointing your fans, comedians, fatherhood and overcoming fear. And yes, this really happened. This episode is presented without commercial interruption courtesy of Squarespace. Go to MarcMeetsObama.com to see behind-the-scenes photos and captions.


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  8. Mac Power Users #264: Workflows with John Gruber - Relay FM

    Katie and David sit down with John Gruber of Daring Fireball to discuss the origins of his site, how he finds and publishes the news and how he uses his Mac and iOS.


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  9. On Fear, Perseverance, and Meaningful Work: 4 Years Making a Living Online | The Weekly Briefly

    This week’s episode is longer than normal because it’s jam packed with stories and advice from the past four years of making a living online.

    I share ins and outs, fears and motivations, challenges and victories. Highlights include:

    Why I quit my job to write shawnblanc.net for a living.

    The launch of my members-only podcast and how I thought it was so audacious to charge $3/month.

    The shift I see related to advertising as a significant business model.

    Building and launching Delight is in the Details versions 1 and 2 — including what I learned about how an idea needs to mature and grow, how my idealistic approach to marketing isn’t practical, and how I felt like a fraud when I wanted to charge $29 for the complete bundle.

    And my latest project, The Focus Course, and the challenges and fears I’m facing with it right now.

    Episode Links

    Beginning — the post I wrote announcing that I was quitting my job

    Delight is in the Details

    How I self-Published My Book (the practical and personal aspects of building and shipping Delight is in the Details)

    The Focus Course

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 56:36 — 38.9MB)


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  10. Episode 044 — Up in the Clouds with Twitter | Exponent

    In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss why Twitter needs new leadership, its massive potential, and why Google probably should acquire it


    Ben Thompson: Twitter Needs New Leadership – Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Twitter’s Marketing Problem – Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Facebook and the Feed – Stratechery

    Ev Williams: Sometimes Things Stay Stuck – Medium

    Ben Thompson: Twitter Acquires MoPub – Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Peak Google – Stratechery


    Ben Thompson, @benthompson, Stratechery

    James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review

    Podcast Information







    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download


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