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  1. Q&A Regarding Paul Merriman’s Recommended Portfolios - Paul Merriman

    [powerpress] Q&A Regarding Paul Merriman's Recommended Portfolios This 30-minute podcast gives investors a better understanding of how and why I put

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  2. Q&A Regarding Asset Allocation, Financial Advice, Stocks vs. Bonds, and CDs - Paul Merriman

    [powerpress] In this podcast, Paul continues to answer questions from readers and listeners. Question #1:  I just received $300,000 from the

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  3. Optimizing Retirement Income For Fixed Distributions - Paul Merriman

    [powerpress] How much can you afford to withdraw from your accounts in retirement? This podcast discusses how to make your retirement last a lifetime

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  4. The ultimate retirement DISTRIBUTION strategy - Paul Merriman

    [powerpress] The Ultimate Retirement Distribution Strategy – using variable distribution  In last weeks podcast, Paul addressed a strategy for

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