IM944: South Park – Der Stab der Wahrheit (Preview)

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  1. Richard Park on South Korean hockey: ‘Going to take time to grow’

    The assistant coach for South Korea’s men’s national hockey team, Richard Park talks about hosting the Olympic Games and developing hockey in the Republic of Korea, as the IOC names the Asian nation. The former Vancouver Canuck also weighs in on the fact no NHLer will play at the Winter Games.

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  2. IM968: South Park – The Stick of Truth - Superlevel Insert Moin | - Das deutsche Podcast-Verzeichnis

    Hier kann man die Podcast-Episode: IM968: South Park – The Stick of Truth - Superlevel

    Insert Moin von Manuel Fritsch hren.

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  3. Predictive analytics combined with drone technology could help save South Africa’s rhinos | Public Radio International

    Poaching has been on the rise across the globe for the past few years and anti-poaching efforts always seem to be one step behind. Now, park rangers in South Africa may have a leg up.

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  4. Ubisoft Cancels Steep On Switch, Doesn’t Bother To Tell Anyone

    If you were one of the thirteen people looking forward to Steep’s Switch port, you’ll have to find your snowboarding elsewhere. Ubisoft canceled the port of Steep, but neglected to tell anyone until asked on Twitter.

    Oh, Ubisoft!

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