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  1. Designing the Future of The New York Times

    What will the nation’s newspaper of record look like in the coming years? Learn about the continuing efforts of old media to reinvent its look, its feel and its mission.

    • Tom Bodkin, The New York Times
    • Khoi Vinh, The New York Times

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  2. Browser Wars III: The Platform Wins

    We’re doing so darn much with the Web platform these days, from cross-domain access mechanisms to new drawing and graphics tools. But in the end, we still have to deal with different web browsers. This discussion brings the leads from Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (IE), Google (Chrome) and Opera (Opera) together for yet another incendiary discussion about the future of the web.

    Skip to the end if you you want to hear the good stuff.

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  3. New Think for Old Publishers

    This is not a discussion of whether ebooks are killing treebooks, or whether it’s possible to get cozy with an Amazon Kindle. It’s about how participatory culture and the online world interact with good old book publishing. Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, Deborah Schultz and fellow panelists will share with the audience a variety of perspectives on what’s going right and what’s going wrong in publishing, assess success of recent forays into marketing digitally, digital publishing, and what books and blogs have to gain from one another. Penguin Group (USA), which houses some 40 plus imprints and publishes an extremely broad variety of physical and digital products, everything from William Gibson’s first ebook in the 90’s to Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food to Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels (the source for HBO’s True Blood) is deeply involved in exploring ways that old and new media might better collaborate. Audience members are invited to speak up about what they think book publishers could / should be doing to better provide relevant information and content to blogs, websites, and online communities. Come tell old media what you want and how you want it.

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  4. Tangible Interactions in Urban Spaces

    The transition from physical to virtual spaces means that there is less opportunity to physically interact in public spaces. Historically public spaces were used for celebration, today they are used for anonymous mobile calls. We would like to explore the ways in which the tangible aspect of physical space might be re-introduced into our virtual interactions through an exploration and discussion of - among other things - responsive architecture.

    • Mouna Andraos, Electronic Crafts
    • Francesca Birks, Arup
    • Molly Wright Steenson, Princeton University School of Architecture
    • Ben [neb] Cerveny, AFK Stamen Gamelayers etc

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  5. Being a UX Team of One

    What’s the best way to evolve design ideas quickly? Get together with other designers and brainstorm. The second best way? Adapt the methods of larger UX groups to a team of one. Learn how in this presentation, which shares lightweight techniques for quick and effective brainstorming on your own.

    Leah Buley, Adaptive Path

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  6. What Do I Do With Myself, Now that the Economy Has Collapsed?

    They say the tech economy ebbs and flows on a 7 year cycle, and if that’s true, we’re just about over the peak and into the down cycle for companies and employees alike. So what are we to do with ourselves, when it all comes crashing down around us? This panel’s been through a downturn or two and will have some specific recommendations about how to get the most out of it, both personally and professionally.

    • Andy Baio Writer/Coder, Waxy.org
    • Lane Becker Pres, Get Satisfaction Inc
    • Ben Brown Internet Rockstar, XOXCO
    • Jane Mount 20x200
    • Michael Sippey VP Prod, Six Apart Ltd

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  7. SXSW 2009: The Decemberists

    The Decemberists perform Hazards Of Love in its entirety:

    "Fans of the beloved Portland, Ore., rock group The Decemberists already know the band for its outsized ambition. Frontman Colin Meloy’s blend of sweeping melodies and hyperliterate, deliberately anachronistic references won the group major indie-pop laurels — and, as of its last album, the attention of a major label. But The Decemberists’ newest project promises new heights of bombast: Its new record, The Hazards of Love, is a sprawling 17-part narrative song-cycle."


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  8. SXSW - Is Spec Work Evil? The Online Creative Community Speaks

    From http://www.sxsw.com/node/1527

    The ‘no-spec’ movement has long held sway in the design community but the web has created a new model for design that allows a freer exchange of ideas and inspiration and more ways to enter the design profession than ever before. What does social creativity look like?

    • Mike Samson, crowdspring.com
    • David Carson, davidcarsondesign
    • Jeff Howe, Wired Magazine
    • Jeffrey Kalmikoff, skinnyCorp/Threadless
    • Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester

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  9. 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

    John Gruber (DaringFireball.net) and Merlin Mann (43Folders.com) discuss the current state of blogging as a medium for creative expression, weighing the opportunities and challenges of building a thoughtful online presence in a world where everybody owns a printing press. They’ll consider the ascendance of Digg-friendly "problogs" and debate the subtler pleasures of careful writing that reaches smaller, but potentially less "profitable" audiences.

    • John Gruber, Daring Fireball
    • Merlin Mann, You Look Nice Today

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  10. SXSW 2009: Not the Same Old Story

    If the web provides so many ways to connect with audiences, why are we all stuck telling the same story with our designs? Hear from a panel of storytelling experts on the importance of narrative and art direction online to break away from static and boring experiences.

    • Jason Santa Maria
    • Daniel Burka, Digg/Pownce
    • Nicholas Felton, feltron.com
    • Emily Gordon, emdashes.com / printmag.com
    • Ian Adelman, nymag.com

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