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  1. WebGPU and Browser Ideologies - Off The Main Thread

    How do GPUs even work? And are browsers like political parties?

    In this episode, Surma talks about the “GPU” in “WebGPU” and how this new web standard makes programming for the GPU more accessible. Jake talks about how different browsers approach standards and their perceived ideologies around what they prioritize.

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  2. A Long Zoom - The Incomparable Mothership #652 - The Incomparable

    Our Book Club reconvenes to discuss R.F. Kuang’s “Babel.” It’s a story about magic and empire and revolution, and our feelings about it are similarly complicated. Plus: A whole bunch of book suggestions!

    Our next Book Club selection: “Sea of Tranquility” by Emily St. John Mandel.

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  3. #60 – There Will Be Blood – Settling the Score

    In this episode Jon and Andy drink up Jonny Greenwood’s score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 period drama There Will Be Blood. How does Greenwood’s music seem to get so deeply inside your head? What lines can be drawn between it and his work for Radiohead? And, is either of us even close to getting the Daniel Plainview voice right?

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  4. Rogue One (2016)

    In our latest episode, we discuss Dune (2020) Cinematographer Greig Fraser’s previous sci-fi visual masterpiece, Rogue One. Regular hosts Haitch and Jason are joined by co-host of the 70mm podcast and famous Star Wars artist, Danny Haas. We consider the meaning of sacrifice, how reshoots can sometimes change a movie for the better, and why the Empire has so damn many OSHA compliance issues.

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  5. TENET (2020)

    In our latest episode, regular hosts Haitch and Jason are joined by digital set designer, Tim Croshaw. We discuss the definitive big budget serious sci-fi masterpiece from 2020: no, not Denis’ Dune, Nolan’s TENET. We cover international film finance, how much it costs to rent a 300’ yacht, and try to sort out the grandfather paradox.

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  6. Interstellar (2014)

    In our latest episode, regular hosts Haitch and Jason are joined by Internet thought leader and General Partner at Google Ventures, M.G. Siegler. We tackle Paul Muad’dib himself, Timothee Chalamet’s very first film, Christopher Nolan’s 2014 epic, Interstellar. We discuss the dangers and responsibilities of being a parent, Jason gives a 4 part symposium on the Physics of Interstellar, and we consider just how alike Chris Nolan and Denis Villeneuve truly are.

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    In this special episode of ON DECK from TAPEDECK Podcasts, regular Dune Pod hosts Haitch and Jason are joined by the co-host of the Cinenauts podcast and Dune Pod’s graphic designer, Ctcher, and by the co-host and producer of Film Hags, Sophie Shin. We talk one of the greatest TV shows ever made, STATION ELEVEN.

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