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  1. SE-Radio Episode 328: Bruce Momjian on the Postgres Query Planner : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 328: Bruce Momjian on the Postgres Query Planner

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    on June 19, 2018


    Bruce Momjian, a longtime Postgres developer, educator and consultant joins Robert Blumen for a discussion of the SQL query planner in the Postgres relational database. Topics covered include what is a query? How queries are evaluated by the server; the phases of query evaluation; SQL as a declarative language; why declarative query evaluation is simpler and more productive that it would be for a developer to write queries in an imperative language; what is a query plan? The elements of a query plan; the impact of table ordering on query performance; joins; indexes; how the query planner works; size of the query plan space; optimizing plans versus good enough; balancing the time spent query planning against the time spent executing; what is the cost function? And does the cost function correspond to real-world query performance?; challenges in planning sorts and aggregations; debugging query plans; testing and regression of the query planner; how to test and validate query plans in the software development process; can this model be used to other SQL back ends than a file-based database? (example Hadoop); research on query planning; the open source Postgres project.

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  2. A Beautiful Thing (Harold Giménez)

    This week on Giant Robots, Ben Orenstein speaks with Harold Giménez, Heroku postgres leader, about postgres, data management, and beer brewing.

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  3. Herding Code 224: Jeremy Miller on Marten, Postgres and Alba

    The gang talks to Jeremy Miller about some of his open source projects.

    Download / Listen: Herding Code 224: Jeremy Miller on Marten, Postgres and Alba

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  4. SE-Radio Episode 362: Simon Riggs on Advanced Features of PostgreSQL : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 362: Simon Riggs on Advanced Features of PostgreSQL

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    on April 10, 2019


    Simon Riggs, founder and CTO of 2nd Quadrant, discusses the advanced features of the Postgres database, that allow developers to focus on applications whilst the database does the heavy lifting of handling large and diverse quantities of data. Host Simon Crossley spoke with Riggs about advanced SQL, indexes, extensibility and scale; using window functions to calculate aggregates on subsets of data; common table expressions to write performant graph queries within Postgres; user defined data types and user defined functions to support GIS, full text and time series data; foreign Data Wrappers to access data from other datastores such as MySQL, Mongo; block range indexes, generalized indexes, nearest-neighbor indexes; replication and high availability, hot stand-by nodes; zero downtime upgrades using logical replication; ease of use: robustness, accuracy, trust; securing data with encryption and authentication; levels of transaction isolation

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  5. Uber’s Postgres Problems with Evan Klitzke

    When a company switches the relational database it uses, you wouldn’t expect the news of the switch to go viral. Most engineers are not interested in the subtle differences between MySQL and Postgres, right?

    Uber recently switched from having Postgres as its main relational database to using MySQL. Evan Klitzke wrote a detailed blog post about the migration, and post got very popular for at least three reasons:

    Evan is a great writer and describes complicated distributed database concepts in simple terms Uber is an interesting company with high quality engineers. When Uber takes on a task that will require lots of work–like changing its default relational database–people pay attention MySQL vs. Postgres sounds like the type of divisive topic that is worth getting emotional about for the same reason that people get tribalistic about React vs. Angular, Kubernetes vs. Mesos, and so on If you are even slightly interested in distributed systems or databases, I recommend reading Evan’s blog post in detail.

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  6. RailsConf 2017: ​Postgres at Any Scale​ by Will Leinweber

    ​Postgres at Any Scale​ by Will Leinweber

    This is a sponsored talk by Citus Data.

    Postgres has powerful datatypes and a general emphasis on correctness which makes it a great choice for apps small and medium. Growing to very large sizes has been challenging—until now!

    First you’ll learn how to take advantage of all PG has to offer for small scales, especially when it comes to keeping data consistent. Next you’ll learn techniques for keeping apps running well at medium scales. And finally you’ll learn how to take advantage of the open-source Citus extension that makes PG a distributed db, when your app joins the big leagues.

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  7. Good Architects Borrow, Great Architects Steal by Peter van Hardenberg at FutureStack13

    How many thousand servers per ops person does your organization have? Heroku Postgres has just the one for all our thousands of database servers, and that person is just an engineer on a one-week rotation.

    By architecting for simplicity and consistency, Heroku Postgres reduced servers to something more like transistors. By lifting old game development tricks, we turned complex operational problems into simple state machines. Relying on other cloud service providers for their specialities lets us focus on doing what we do best: serving up your data to you better than anyone else.

    In this talk, I’ll cover the architecture that powers the Heroku Postgres service, how it evolved from humble beginnings, and talk about the lucky breaks, the gnarly mistakes, and the unknowable choices we made along the way.

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  8. Database Choices and Uber with Markus Winand | Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | Download

    When Uber’s engineering team published a blog post about moving to MySQL from Postgres, Markus Winand started receiving lots of email. Markus writes about databases on his blog “Use The Index, Luke,” a guide to database performance for developers. The people emailing Markus wanted to know–if Postgres doesn’t work well for Uber, is it safe to use for anyone?

    Markus wrote a detailed blog post that was a response to Uber’s discussion of Postgres, and in today’s episode Markus explains why Postgres is perfectly fine for most applications.

    Most developers are not experts in choosing between different databases. The average developer knows the difference between a NoSQL database like Mongo and a normalized SQL database like MySQL–but that developer might not know the more subtle differences between different SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres.

    That is why Markus’s site is so useful, and why it was a pleasure to have him on the show.



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  9. Cloud Database Workloads with Jon Daniel - Software Engineering Daily

    Relational databases such as Postgres are often used for critical workloads, such as user account data. To run a relational database service in the cloud requires a cloud provider to set up a highly durable, highly available system. Jon Daniel is an infrastructure engineer at Heroku. Jon joins the show to describe the engineering and operations required to build a managed relational database service. Full disclosure: Heroku is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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  10. Postgres Professional — Episode 0075 « DevZen Podcast

    Темы выпуска: интервью с Олегом Бартуновым, Иваном Панченко и Федором Сигаевым о компании PostgresPro, курсе Hacking PostgreSQL, предстоящей конференции PgConf.Russia 2016, а также процессе разработки PostgreSQL, планах по дальнейшему развитию этой РСУБД, изменения, которые уже приняли в ветку 9.6, использовании типа ltree, а также множество других интереснейших тем и, конечно же, вопросы наших слушателей.

    Шоу нотес:

    Компания Postgres Professional

    Курс «Hacking PostgreSQL» — уже скоро / Блог компании Postgres Professional

    Гости выпуска в "Интернет плюс"

    Вакансии : Компания Postgres Professional

    Группа PostgreSQL в Facebook

    PgConf.Russia 2016 — Международная конференция по PostgreSQL

    Robert Haas: PostgreSQL Past, Present, and Future: Moving The Goalposts

    Waiting for 9.6 – Cube extension kNN support

    Waiting for 9.6 – Allow to omit boundaries in array subscript

    Using the Ltree Datatype in Postgres

    PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.5: ltree

    Joe Celko’s Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties

    The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment — Medium

    Moscow Scala Meetup / События на

    В феврале в Республике Беларусь состоится международная конференция LVEE Winter 2016

    Всех с бесплатным антивирусом! — Nota Bene

    Internet Explorer End of Support

    TRex: A Paxos Replication Engine (Part 1)

    Full Disclosure: Linux user namespaces overlayfs local root

    Important SSH patch coming soon

    Simple instructions for freezing a Skylake Processor

    [security] Go 1.5.3 is released

    Ansible 2.0 Has Arrived

    cgroup v2 has finally landed in mainline for Linux v4.5

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    Темы и вопросы слушателей для 0075 « DevZen Podcast

    Голоса выпуска: Валерий, Александр, а также гости — Олег, Иван и Федор.

    Фоновая музыка: Plastic3 — Corporate Rock Motivation Loop 4

    Подкаст: Скачать (73.8MB)



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