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  1. Crush On Radio Lost Episode 1: Merlin Mann and The Meadowlands

    In 2014, I tried to revive Crush On Radio as a one-on-one interview show. I produced six episodes for, interviewing a few of my favorite Internet people about the albums that shaped their life. Sadly, due to a number of outside factors, I had to cancel the show, and the archives fell off the web, not long after. Two years later, I’m finally bringing them back online, to sit along the two seasons of Classic CoR with Matt and Andrew. The first episode was my proudest moment: a chat with the legendary Merlin Mann about an album that changed his life: The Meadowlands by The Wrens. It was an incredible experience, and I’m happy to share it with you all again.

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  2. The Small Business Show #58: Jason Snell from Six Colors - From Magazine Editor to Small Business Publisher

    Long-time technology journalist Jason Snell spent 17 years writing, editing and managing teams at Macworld magazine before leaving that behind to start his own small business publishing company, Along the way, Jason also created and managed various Podcasts like The Incomparable, TV Talk Machine, and Upgrade. Jason joins Shannon and Dave to talk about the experience of moving from manager to business owner, and shares some of his favorite stories along the way.

    This week’s Small Business Show includes some key moments where things like authenticity, focus, enthusiasm, passion and reliability come up during the discussion. A podcasting pro, Jason makes for an entertaining and engaging guest… download, press play, and enjoy!

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  3. Arsecast #384: A Catalan Man Gave Me the Plague

    Right, time now for this week’s Arsecast and on the show I look back at the midweek trip to Barcelona, with some location recordings, vox-pops and more from the European trip I got back from last night at 1am. Please excuse my voice, or lack of it, it’s been a long couple of days, and a man coughed on me and gave me the plague. I’m also joined by Roger Bennett (@rogbennett), one half of the excellent Men in Blazers to chat about that and, as he’s an Everton fan, to look ahead to tomorrow’s game. I get his thoughts on that, Everton, Arsenal and lots more.

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