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  1. Faith and Wine 2.0

    I got to reprise my speaking and singing for Faith and Wine for its inaugural season in Lee County. Such an honor and a privilege to speak to these wonderful God-loving women, and share a bit of what he has done in my heart these past few years. I share some of my original music and give testament to how God’s grace has helped me grow in surrendering to his perfect will.

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  2. Kevin Zraly and the World of Wine

    Acclaimed as the creator of the famous wine list at Windows on the World (which sold more wine than any restaurant in the United States), Kevin Zraly designed the training program for the most knowledgeable wine-service staff in America. He is a James Beard Award winner and has co-hosted the Food Newtork’s “Wine A to Z”.

    Kevin also celebrated his 30th anniversary in 2006 as the founder and teacher of the immensely popular Windows on the World Wine School that has graduated over 18,000 students since its inception. He has been teaching wine for over 30 years, beginning at the age of 20, and has studied wine-making techniques in California and all the great wine regions of Europe.

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  3. PREVIEW-Episode 22: More James’s Pragmatism: Is Faith Justified? What is Truth? | The Partially Examined Life Philosophy Podcast | A Philosophy Podcast and Blog

    On William James’s "The Will to Believe," and continuing our discussion on James’s conception of truth as described in his books Pragmatism and The Meaning of Truth. Does pragmatism give ground for religious belief, like if it feels good for me to believe in God, can that justify belief? Is belief in science or

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