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  1. Beyond Authority and Submission with Rachel Miller — Theology Gals

    Episode 128 This week Coleen and Angela talk with Rachel Miller about her new book Beyond Authority and Submission: Women and Men in Marriage, Church, and Society. Episode Resources: Beyond Authority and Submission: Women and Men in Marriage, Church, and Society by Rachel Green Miller Launch Day Post Introduction to Beyond Authority and Submission WHAT …


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  2. @presbycast: Everything Medieval is New Again — Contemporary Worship

    We use a talk from Dr. Scott Aniol from the 2018 Reformation Worship Conference to preview this year’s conference coming up on October 17, 2019. Scott compares contemporary worship with pre-Reformation Medieval worship and says the remedy for one is the remedy for the other. He is Associate Professor and chair of PhD Worship studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; executive director of Religious Affections Ministries.  Hear more excellent audio from this conference here.

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  3. Unbelievable? Joshua Harris, purity culture and the church: Jessica van der Wyngaard and Sean McDowell - Saturday 31st August 2019 02:30 pm

    20 years ago Joshua Harris was the poster boy of the evangelical ‘purity movement’ having authored the bestselling book ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’. Today, Harris regrets writing the book, and has also recently changed his mind about Christianity.Justin is joined by Jessica van der Wyngaard, director of the documentary film ‘I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye’, and Christian apologist Sean McDowell, to discuss purity culture, singleness and the Joshua Harris story.

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  4. Habits of a Healthy Marriage :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 234] | Don’t Mom Alone

    Whether you’ve been married for a short time or you’re nearing a milestone anniversary, a healthy marriage takes a lot of work. A marriage is made up of thousands of small moments and habits that over time result in God-honoring, joyful marriage or a self-centered, strained marriage.

    Speaker and author Paul David Tripp joins me to lay the groundwork for how to cultivate healthy habits in our marriage and identify the ones that need to be uprooted. He shares what he’s learned in almost 50 years of marriage and how to look at our marriages in light of the gospel.

    What’s a biblical view of marriage? Well, it’s a sinner married to a sinner in a fallen world. Are you encouraged yet? But with a faithful God. Now that means we can’t just coast in our marriage because there are things inside of me and things inside of my wife that are potentially destructive to marriage because we’re not perfect people yet. And we live in a fallen world that is a threat to our marriage.

    Paul also calls us to take a new view of our spouse’s differences and see how God created us for unity, not uniformity.

    There is no call anywhere in the Bible to uniformity. The call is for unity. Unity is only ever needed in the face of difference… We have to stop making those differences a matter of right and wrong, If it’s not named as sin by God, then it’s just a difference and God actually glories in those differences because those differences point to his grandeur as a creator.

    I hope you are encouraged and equipped from this conversation to re-engage with your spouse with fresh faith for experiencing all that God has for you in your marriage.

    What we chat about:

    Marriages are made up of thousands and thousands of little moments

    The kind of relationship we have built in those moments determines how we handle the big moments

    We naturally structure our marriages around habits

    How to identify good and bad habits in your marriage

    Sin makes us self-focused and anti-social, but marriage is a covenant of community

    Helping our spouse access what God wants for them instead of arguing or nagging them

    We will always be working on our marriages. There is no place for coasting

    Confession and forgiveness can change the direction in disagreements

    Jesus did not just bare our guilt. He bore our shame

    God made us for unity, not for uniformity

    A look at why we are so vastly different from our spouse

    Even when we are formed into the image of Jesus, we will still be different from our spouse

    Tips for showing gratitude in your marriage and fostering joy

    The fruits of the Spirit are key for a good marriage

    If you are struggling in marriage, engage with community and your church family. Isolation is the enemy of a healthy marriage

    Connect with Paul David Tripp:



    Links Mentioned:

    Gospel Parenting Paul David Tripp [Ep 176]

    Opportunity vs. Disruption Paul David Tripp [Ep 212]

    My Favorite Paul David Tripp Devotional: New Morning Mercies (Great gift for a spouse)

    Sinners Married to Sinners Cheryl Scruggs and Jae Carpenter Ep 195

    I Do Again– Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs

    *Amazon Affiliate Link–at no additional cost to you, a small portion of your purchase will support this podcast

    Featured Sponsor: Paul David Tripp’s Marriage Conference

    Every marriage is guided by a set of habits. The question is: Are they healthy habits that result in a God-honoring and joyful marriage, or are they bad habits that lead to a self-centered and strained marriage? In this new 4-lesson seminar, pastor, marriage counselor, and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp will detail the necessary habits required for a healthy marriage while identifying the bad habits that need to be uprooted.

    Habits Of A Healthy Marriage is streaming live on February 8-9, 2019 with on-demand replay until December 31, 2019. Your Streaming License comes with free Discussion Questions for each of the four lessons, making it a perfect resource for a couples devotional, small group series, Sunday school class, or church-wide event.

    Listen to the promo at the beginning of this podcast episode for a code to get $5 off the license fee. 

    Not Alone Community-Calm Response Growth Guide

    Do you struggle with using anger in response to your kids’ misbehavior? Would you like to grow in patience but don’t know where to begin? Well, I’ve pulled together several past podcast episodes and resources to help you.

    And this month as a community member you’ll also get access to a mentor chat on the topic of anger.  Answering your questions about how to be more in tune with your emotions, figure out some common triggers and learn some techniques guests have shared on developing a calm response in parenting.


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  5. Spirit and Truth — Doctrine and Devotion

    Jimmy is back from Jamaica, and Les Lanphere is back on the mic with the guys to catch up and talk about his upcoming documentary,

    Spirit and Truth . Joe and Jimmy ask Les about “Reformed worship”, the problems in many evangelical worship services, and a lot more. It gets a little rowdy. Plus,


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  6. The Most Disturbing Bits We’ve Done

    If you’re going to consume this video, we suggest you do so in a brightly-lit, crowded area with headphones on and the audio muted.

    Thank you for your time. You won’t be getting any of it back.

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  7. “Critical Theory, Social Justice, and Christianity: Are They Compatible?” | Neil Shenvi

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  8. The Trojan Horse - Ep. 1: Deconstructing Communities - Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay

    In this first of five interviews conducted in New York City, Sovereign Nations Founder Michael O’Fallon and the co-founders of New Discourses, Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James Lindsay, discuss the current tools of societal and institutional deconstruction being introduced throughout civilization under the banner of “Social Justice.” These, they discuss, are presented in a manner not unlike the legendary Trojan Horse.

    Read full article and references at

    Follow Sovereign Nations: Email Newsletter: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: YouTube:

    Support Sovereign Nations on Patreon:

    Follow New Discourses:

    © 2019 Sovereign Nations. All rights reserved.

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  9. Freemind: Are White Evangelicals White Supremacists?

    In this episode we are joined by Neil Shenvi as we discuss the recent controversial interview Ekemini Uwan gave at the Sparrow Women’s Conference in Dallas, Texas. The main topic of the talk was on the nature of “whiteness.” We analyze her position and offer some critiques.

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  10. Joshua Harris’ Rainbow Adventure, Religious Freedom, Critical Theory, and the Founders Trailer

    Spent some time looking at Joshua Harris’ swing into the LGBTQ world, then looked at issues of religious freedom, critical theory, and that whole area of rapid development. Then I got into the Founders Trailer for “By What Standard,” developments since the program from Colorado, my complete face-plant error in not knowing any of the relevant background (or players), what I’ve learned since then, etc. I spent a lot of time calling for us all to act in grace toward fellow believers, to pray for one another, and to cease the cannibalism that is marking the whole controversy. Affirmed my love for, and prayer for, a wide variety of folks, not all of whom would want to be mentioned in the same breath I’m afraid. But, I put it in the Lord’s hands!

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