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  1. Steve Jobs at D8

    Steve Jobs onstage at the eighth annual D: All Things Digital conference, interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Jobs discusses the origin of the iPad, dealings with Adobe, AT&T and Google, Apple’s startup structure, the iAds initiative, and gaming on the iPhone.

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  2. The Talk Show #34: A Very Puffy Shirt - 5by5


    JOHN: We only have one TV in the house.
    DAN: Oh, but it’s huge, Dude. It’s huge. It’s, like, a…60-…70-inch plasma.
    JOHN: It’s a hundred and eighty inches. Diagonal.
    DAN: You can see that from any room you want.
    JOHN: Right. It’s twenty-two feet.
    DAN: [laughs]
    JOHN: Diagonal.


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