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  1. After Dark #8: After Back To Work 009 - 5by5

    After Dark #8: After Back To Work 009 - 5by5

    > Drop-shipping some elk, rolling ferry v. monorail, when Eleanor was on first, waterproofing R2-D2 for Schlachthof-Fünf, fucking lasers, when Harry Shearer (“tour de force”) very kindly wrote me back, the big one’s named “Bitey,” moving my chassis, finding some forced perspective on Reedy Creek, passing out from eating weed at Kids in the Hall, Karl Van Hœt creation story (“Pred-ni-soooone…”), stupid drop ceilings and “”funny”” mirrors, the hard lessons of North Haverbrook, and, literally urinating on my feces. Literally—with anger. Literally. Good riddance? Sure: I’M expendable.

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