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Hey there, I’m Jef. I am lucky enough to get to produce shows on Assembler.FM. I think you’d like them, so I hope you give us a listen.

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  1. Up For A Challenge #3 - Cats Are Present Tense

    This episode went bananas! If you missed the live broadcast, whoo boy… antics abound! This time, we get the results of last week’s challenge (admitting when we’re wrong) and dive into living in the present.

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  2. Up For A Challenge #2 - I’m Not Dennis (Now With Fake Cinnamon Taste!)

    What were the results of Adam’s week on #Periscope? What will the new challenge be? Why does Adam hate the taste of fake cinnamon? Who… is…. DENNIS?

    Also, important things like a reflection on how social media has changed the way we look at ourselves… looking at ourselves. Periscope, Twitter, live streaming vs. LiveJournal

    Find out on Episode 2 of Up For A Challenge! Here or at Chime in on Twitter (@assemblerfm) with #u4c

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  3. Up For A Challenge #1 - #Periscoping My #Meerkat Grams

    It begins. Adam is challenged to Periscope his life. Sara begins her transition into crazy cat lady courtesy of Instagram. Follow Adam’s Periscope progress by following @assemblerfm. Catch up with Sara on Instagram at @masqueradejane and find Jef, as always, on Twitter as @jefholbrook. To see our next live show, please visit Assembler.FM/live.

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