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  1. The Difference Between Critique & Criticism, and Why We Do Either (Episode 04)

    There’s a fine line between criticism and critique. And what’s the difference anyways? How is criticism any better or worse than offering critique? And why do people even bother in the first place? In this episode, Sasquatchii and Mikey grapple with these questions. Seriously, we could go on forever about criticism/critique. (And we did! We talked for over three hours! However, we are splitting the episodes up into two parts to make it more digestible for everyone. This one’s only an hour long.) In this episode, we try to define what critique is, what criticism is, and how to discern between the two. We also discuss various reasons why people critique/criticize.


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  2. The suburbs: No longer the American Dream?

    That perfect picture of the American Dream: A white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog and friendly neighbors — they all require a suburban location.

    But according to one new book, that picture is changing. Americans are leaving the suburbs. In fact, for the first time a century, cities are growing faster than the ‘burbs. Leigh Gallagher, assistant managing editor at Fortune, looks into why in her new book "The End of the Suburbs: Where The American Dream is Moving."

    And while many people think of the growth of the suburbs as an explosion of American independence, the buildup of places like Levittown were actually quite planned by the government — especially with the help of things like tax deductions.

    She attributes part of the change not to a sudden desire to live like Manhattanites, but instead a desire for more community.

    “It’s not just about moving back to the city, it’s not like everyone wants to live in a New York City skyscraper,” said Gallagher. “People want to be in communities that are livelier, where they can get to know their neighbors more.”

    Part of the change is also attributed to the "huge demographic bombshell" of young families who are choosing to stay in cities with children — whereas the suburbs are full of older generation, baby boomers.

    Throughout the writing process, Gallagher even got sick of talking about the topic, which she found inspires so much debate and passion in people.

    “So many people grew up in the suburbs, it’s where most people in this country live. It strikes a chord with everyone," she adds.

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  3. Grounded Gabbin’ with Vinay Gupta (on the meta-crisis)

    Brent Cooper and Vinay Gupta (@leashless) unpack the meta-crisis reproduction, deadly cul-de-sacs of reason (via Game B), black elephants, footprint calculators, and the potential for consensus building

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  4. Weekly Podcast - Episode 12 - Koos De Keijzer

    Laurence sits down with Koos de Keijzer, principal and founder of DKO Architecture where they talk suburbs - why do suburbs in Melbourne look the same as in Perth or Darwin? - and how well do towers and podiums work when it comes to bringing something back to the street.

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  5. Oh Susquehanna - Defiance, Ohio - W/ LYRICS (BEST QUALITY)

    It is about time somebody put just the song up. Message me if you want me to put any more up. The Great Depression, 2006 Defiance Ohio.

    We walk at the paths at the banks of the mighty Susquehanna, with our feet made muddy by your tributaries that trickle their way to the Chesapeake. It’s like we follow I-83 down to harbor cities with strip malls and tar-mac, people swirling and teeming. It seemed so exciting, but now it seems like such a blight.

    I grew up near Kentucky’s Mt. Zion Road and all that was there was some old cemetery. All I wanted [was] to be able to walk to the store. Now I don’t live there but there’s too many stores, some apartments, and a Sunoco.

    And I wonder, what did they do with the bodies? [2x]

    Oh, Susquehanna! [4x]

    And I miss that place behind my house where I hiked and climbed and played, where I ditched this noisy century or just hid out from the decade. M-I homes thought it could stand to be updated, forced it all into a grid until it looked like the funny pages. With every trace of life, it seems, confined within a frame, the faces move from day to day but the strips all look the same. And the punch lines are resoundingly unfunny for those trapped in this architecture of easy money.

    And I feel like this could all come to no good. The kids who populate these cul-de-sacs will never know what stood beneath those cookie cutter houses: fi…

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  6. Pennsylvania’s Senate Race Comes Down To Women In Philadelphia Suburbs : NPR

    Women are the decisive vote in the Pennsylvania Senate race, where Democratic challenger Katie McGinty is seeking to oust GOP Sen. Pat Toomey. They are competing for women voters worried about economic and national security. The battleground is the Philadelphia-area suburbs.

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