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  1. #26 Anne Cahalan on moving out of Junior-Developerness

    In this episode, I interviewed Anne Cahalan. Anne is an iOS developer at Detroit Labs, where she is constantly delighted by the niftiness of Swift. Anne told us her story. From the Bootcamp she went to and the apprenticeship program she followed, up to her "moving out" of "Junior-Developerness" a…

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  2. The One About Information Consumption – Rands in Repose

    Two years almost to the day, we’re back with The Important Thing. In the third episode, Lyle and I talk Information Consumption. Notification purges, marking all as read, and figuring out how to catch the most important information are just a few of the tips and tricks we discuss. Enjoy it now or download for …

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  3. EnterpriseReady | Ep. #2, The Early Days of GitHub with Tom Preston-Werner | Heavybit

    In episode 2 of EnterpriseReady, Grant chats with Tom Preston-Werner about how the open source company he co-founded, GitHub, rose up to become an essential coding resource for developers everywhere.

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  4. Episode 36: Sean Griffin

    Podcast RSSShow Notes:Sean Griffin built Diesel to answer the question he was asking himself: Can Rust work as a high level language?“I decided pretty early on that I didn’t want this to be my project, I wanted this to be the community’s project.” Sean went back through his early commits to understand how the project started and evolved. He shared why he writes detailed commit messages, the formation of Diesel core team, how he grew the community and how he decided what to put into Diesel 1.0.Show Links: DieselFirst commitSecond commitComment for future Seansql_function!Diesel core teamFirst Diesel core team member"Name it!"Ruby @ RailsconfAnnouncing Diesel 1.0"Diesel 1.0 will ship this year"

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  5. Mac Power Users #415: John Siracusa Workflows and the Future of the Mac - Relay FM

    John Siracusa returns to the Mac Power Users to talk about his favorite workflows and apps. We also spend some time getting John’s opinion about where the Mac is and where it is heading.

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  6. 041: iPhone battery life vs. performance roundtable

    041: iPhone battery life vs. performance roundtable   Apple is sacrificing performance on old, cold iPhone batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns. The company has been doing it for almost a year but this week it’s making headlines. Geekbench’s John Poole, analyst Ben Bajarin, former analyst Carl Howe, and electrical engineer and Android editor Jerry Hildenbrand discuss what’s happening, why, and what it all means.   Links:  

    @jfpoole on Twitter @benbajarin on Twitter @cdhowe on Twitter @gbhil on Twitter

    Apple and iOS 10.2.1 address unexpected shutdowns on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

    PSA: iPhone slow? Try replacing your battery! Why Apple slows down old iPhones to save your battery

    iPhone Performance and Battery Age


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  7. Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant - Relay FM

    The possibilities of an iMac with an A10 processor inside, the delay of the HomePod, Apple’s understanding of professional Mac users, the return of Twitterrific for the Mac, and the proper way to refer to keyboard shortcuts.

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  8. Free Agents #34: I Think I Just Got Fired, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    App developer, podcaster, analyst, and secret entrepreneur Marco Arment joins us to discuss his journey from college to Tumblr, building Instapaper, getting quit-fired, setting out on his own, and working in bursts of productivity.

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  9. It Wasn’t a Dream: The USMNT Isn’t Going to the World Cup (Ep. 10)

    The Ringer’s Chris Ryan, Micah Peters, Ryan O’Hanlon, and Donnie Kwak sort through the U.S. men’s national team’s disastrous 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago. Who’s to blame for the U.S. missing the World Cup? How big of a setback is it for soccer in America? And what can be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again? This week, we don’t believe that we will win.

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  10. 248: AMP - ShopTalk

    I think its ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Google has a monopoly on so many things now not just search. I think this is jet about attempt to get into INDEPENDENT business.

    I am critical of Google anyway but I don’t want want to be forced to load a JS from Google and force JS on pages and then as a Thank you for giving in to their shit you get their stupid cache that is also forced on you and not have your sites URL in your visitors Browsers. No thanks! BUT I imagine this gets forked or some great people who will not work for Google or something better will come out of it. Meanwhile billions of stupid sheeps will fall for this BS.

    I am not used to browse the web on a phone but connections getting better not slower, there are other ways to improve mobile performance. I don’t like this at all.

    AND obviously this also is a way to create a ad haven for Google and others. Hopefully adblockers can correctly hide the elements without leaving white spaces. But this “AMP knows how the page is being rendered b4 it loads” sounds this could be tricky.

    I also not buy the “your not downranked without AMP” part. Google ranks site speed, and I bet their rate their own CDN fastest no matter what, so in that way you will actually automatically get a better rank for giving in to them.

    AND what is about style? Every site will look the same? I am just thinking “imagine every website looks like” what a sad boring Google web. But hey, its fast and Google controls everything yey!

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