How To Be A Better TTRPG Player Panel (at Strategicon Gateway 2020)

As a TTRPG (tabletop role playing game) player, the barrier to entry is very low but mastery is hard. From common interactions that require some finesse to trying to remove some of the burden of running from the GM, we will provide some tools and insights that might make your next game even better.

This panel was given and recorded at Strategicon Gateway 2020 (run online due to Covid-19) for Games on Demand, on Sunday, September 6th.

Panel creator and presenter: Anne Ratchat ( Panelists: Amr Ammourazz (, James Mendez Hodes (, Tomer Gurantz (


0:45 Who are you? What is your playstyle background? 5:33 What is the role of a player? 12:01 How can you tell what the tone and expectation of the table is? For example, does the GM want to keep things on rail versus give space for exploration? 22:40 What do you consider to be one of the most effective pieces of advice you could give a player to be better? 31:12 Scenario: A player has just tapped the X-Card ( As a player, what do you do? 41:41 Scenario: You are at a table with a very large personality and a smaller personality who might be getting less spotlight. You might even be one of those two i…

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