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  1. millennial tastemakers in hollywood show parents apologizing on screen : It’s Been a Minute : NPR

    In this episode from June 2022, guest host B.A. Parker and Vox entertainment critic Emily St. James dive into a trend that was all over Hollywood: parents apologizing on-screen. From miniseries like 'Ms. Marvel' to the indie darling 'Everything Everywhere All At Once,' St. James calls the subgenre the 'millennial parent apology fantasy.' They get into how stories about parents and children confronting gaps in culture, generation and identity could pave the way for new perspectives about trauma and family. You can follow us on Twitter @NPRItsBeenaMin or email us at

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  2. StrictlyVC in conversation with Sam Altman, part two (OpenAI)

    OpenAI cofounder and CEO Sam Altman sat down for a wide-ranging interview with us late last week, answering questions about some of his most ambitious personal investments, as well as about the future of OpenAI.

    This second clip is focused exclusively on artificial intelligence, including how much of what OpenAI is developing Altman thinks should be regulated, whether he's worried about the commodification of AI, his thoughts about Alphabet's reluctance to release its own powerful AI, and worst- and best-case scenarios as we move toward a future where AI is ever-more central to our lives.

    There was much to discuss (and he was generous to stay and talk about it).

    You can find the first part our sit-down — focused in part on Helion Energy, a nuclear fusion company that has become Altman's second-biggest project — here:

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  3. StrictlyVC in conversation with Sam Altman, part one

    At our StrictlyVC event a few nights ago, Altman was generous with his time, spending an hour with those gathered to talk about the latest at OpenAI (the hottest startup in the world at the moment), as well as answering questions about how his other investments fit into larger themes that he expects to play out — and in the not-distant future.

    This is part one of that interview, focused on Altman's investments, including in Helion Energy, a nuclear fusion company that Altman described at the event as "the other thing beside OpenAI that I spend a lot of time on." We also talked Twitter, supersonic jets, making babies out of skin cells, and why he's "not super interested" in crypto.

    You can find the second part of our talk, focused on OpenAI, here:

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  4. Eggplant: The Secret Lives of Games: 70: Embracing Your Scars with Hannah Nicklin (Mutazione)

    Die Gute Fabrik's Studio Lead Hannah Nicklin joins us to discuss her writing and narrative design work on their sublime mutant soap opera, Mutazione. We discuss working with time and an ensemble cast to create a story with "multiple middles," embracing the scars of a lengthy development cycle, and the best bikes in video games. Show notes:

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  5. Security Trainings, Web3 Bounties, MFA

    Ken is back in the land of the living, so of course he and Seth dig into the current state of information security training, how SCORM is the worst for developer training, and what goes into creating and teaching a course. Discussions on bug bounties in the web3/defi space and the nature of payouts. Finally, a discussion on MFA fatigue and how theoretical attacks have become reality.

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  6. Practices to Steady the Heart with Trudy Goodman & Jack Kornfield

    Join us for shared practices, powerful and caring ways to tend the body and steady the heart in this uncertain time. We will connect with and support each other through guided meditations, teachings, and community conversation.

    Visit our website at

    Follow us on Instagram at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at

    InsightLA is a meditation center teaching the highest quality evidence-based mindfulness practices throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. For 17 years, we have offered classes, retreats, and special events in an open and welcoming community. We strive to make mindfulness practices accessible to all communities with the intention to be inclusive across, race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, gender identity, religion, body size, ability, age, and class.

    Our work is rooted in ancient traditions supported by evidence-based science, and we offer both Buddhist and secular classes. All of our efforts are dedicated toward our mission of calming minds, opening hearts, and changing the world.

    We hold a firm policy that no one will be turned away for lack of funds. About 80% of our expenses are covered by revenue fr…

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  7. Mark Fisher : The Slow Cancellation Of The Future

    —- talk held within the event "Everything Comes Down to Aesthetics and Political Economy"

    Predavanje je dio projekta Prošireni estetički odgoj, tj. suradnje organizacija Berliner Gazette, Kontrapunkt,, Multimedijalni institut i Mute, uz podršku programa Kultura 2007-2013 Europske komisije.

    Podržali: Ministarstvo kulture RH, Gradski ured za obrazovanje, kulturu i sport Grada Zagreba.

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