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  1. 140: With My Guest Brett Terpstra with Merlin Mann

    Guest-Host Merlin Mann welcomes Guest-Guest Brett Terpstra to subvert the

    show's format like never before, discuss their mutual "connected TV"

    hangups, and the progress of Brett's "shower practice" since last they


    It's true: you, too, can be a #MarkdownHacker/#PencilHacker/#ShovelHacker.

    Welcome back to Religion Talk!

    Brought to you by

    • PDFpen Scan by Smile: Visit the link to support the show and learn

    more about the magic of portable OCR.

    • Casper: Brett bought one before they came on to advertise. They're 

    that good. Don't get ripped off in a showroom's Memorial Day Weekend

    Sale, and use the offer code SYSTEMATIC to save $50 on any Casper

    mattress. Terms and Conditions Apply.


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  2. Berättelsen om Gizmondos Miljardkrasch

    Gizmondo var den bärbara spelkonsolen som ville utmana Nintendos Gameboy. Från ingenstans hade den seglat upp och nominerats till årets nykomling på världens största dataspelsmässa i Los Angeles 2004. Bakom Gizmondo låg sensationellt nog ett gäng svenskar.

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