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  1. Questions for Tesla / Elon Musk on Earnings Call + Tesla Shanghai Protest, TSLA Price Target

    ➤ Voting for questions for Tesla’s Q1 earnings call is now open. Here are my questions: 1. 2.

    ➤ Tesla supplier prepares for large 2021 order quantities ➤ More information on Tesla accident in Texas ➤ Mizuho Securities increases TSLA price target ➤ Protestor accuses Tesla at Shanghai Auto Show

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    Plaid producer Who Why Plaid producer Ice Lakes Investments Executive producer Jeremy Cooke Executive producer Troy Cherasaro Executive producer Bradford Ferguson Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent Executive producer Jeff Sheets Executive producer Jessie Chimni Music by Evan Schaeffer

    Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

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  2. Nic Carter: Bitcoin Core Values, Layered Scaling, and Blocksize Debates | Lex Fridman Podcast #173

    Nic Carter is a financial researcher, investor, writer, and podcaster on topics of decentralized finance. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - The Information: to get 75% off first month - Athletic Greens: and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil - Four Sigmatic: and use code LexPod to get up to 60% off - Blinkist: and use code LEX to get 25% off premium

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    OUTLINE: 0:00 - Introduction 7:57 - Can humans fully understand reality? 10:26 - The dollar system 16:36 - Bitcoin 18:12 - Opendime 22:14 - Core values of Bitcoin 30:43 - Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? 36:31 - How Bitcoin works 44:54 - Bitcoin blocksize wars 57:19 - Layered scaling …

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