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  1. Epic v Apple: Epic’s Selling Crackers at the Liquor Store? (Day 8) (VL469)

    "Epic vs Apple" has finally arrived and as Tim Sweeney now famously said we're in for some "fireworks"!

    On day eight we've got more economists! What do Steam Link, American Express, flower bouquets and liquor stores have to do with mobile app distribution? I'm glad you asked!

    Technology cases always have the best metaphors…in Virtual Legality.

    #Epic #Apple #Lawsuit



    CHAPTERS 00:00 Introduction (Epic Motions Back) 03:59 Day 8 Live Tweets (Adi Robertson) 06:01 Gaming Stores on iOS (Athey) 13:20 The (Lack of) Cost of Piracy (Athey) 15:22 A Unity of Markets (Schmalensee) 19:21 Not Just a Payment Processor (Schmalensee) 22:31 We Don't Take American Express (Schmalensee) 23:56 Network Effects Cut Both Ways (Schmalensee) 25:56 The Breadth of an Epic Win (Schmalensee) 28:17 A discussion of Anti-Steering (Schmalensee) 32:47 Free to Play Isn't Free (Schmalensee) 35:46 Apple Hasn't Price Gouged Yet (Schmalensee) 38:32 Essential Facilities 47:36 Market Substitutes and Liquor Stores (Lafontaine) 54:55 App Store is a Massive Success (Hitt) 57:21 Conclusion

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