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  1. Software Engineering Radio Episode 497: Richard L. Sites on Understanding Software Dynamics

    Richard L. Sites discusses his new book Understanding Software Dynamics, which offers expert methods and advanced tools for understanding complex, time-constrained software dynamics in order to improve reliability and performance. Philip Winston spoke with Sites about the five fundamental computing resources CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, and Locks, as well as methods for observing and reasoning when investigating performance problems using the open-source utility KUtrace.

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  2. Systematic 234: Catching up with Merlin Mann

    Today’s guest, and the first guest in what I’ll call season 2 of Systematic, is Merlin Mann. He’s a prolific podcaster and man about the internet, and a repeat — one might say regular — guest on Systematic. Merlin joins me to inaugurate season two of Systematic. From mediocre home automation tools to the latest in Teppanyaki videos, it’s two ADHD podcasters catching up after a couple of years.

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  3. Aravinda Show 0302: John Roderick of The Long Winters on Acceptance, Aloha, & SPACE WISDOM

    Today I present a big, juicy conversation with John Roderick, podcaster, speaker, and co-founder of the band The Long Winters. I’ve been listening to his shows for almost 10 years—at this point, he’s a legendary podcaster.

    Listen at the link below ↓

    In this episode, our conversation flows to some unpredictable places, sprinkled with just enough ALOHA, including a great object lesson on how green sea turtles don’t swim against the flow, they work with it. (Although John’s young daughter was apparently not impressed.)

    We talk about his transition from Alaska to Seattle, and John accidentally hits on an undercurrent, a theme of Season 3 of this show that I hadn’t realized before: the power of our Yin side and LISTENING instead of always doing. (We also learn about #SurfaceYIN.)

    For fans of John’s podcasts, they know that his father, a former Washington State legislator and World War II veteran, comes up from time to time. John’s impression of him is forever stuck in my mind, and in this interview, we get a bit more of the story behind his father encouraging him to “go practice the car,” often with hilarious results. John also touches on how not having a plan can be a good thing, freeing us from assumptions about the future. We start to wrap it up by talking about reconciling our inner voice with our outer voice, how craving creates a slippery slope, and a seldom-discussed side of ALOHA.

    Is there a Space Wisdom? John shares his thoughts, and I can’t wait to hear yours.

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  4. In conversation: Adam Savage and Randall Munroe (xkcd) | BookCon 2019

    Adam Savage (Mythbusters) and Randall Munroe (xkcd) are two of the best science communicators in the country. Join these two STEM icons on stage at BookCon for a remarkably smart and bizarre conversation. Munroe recently completed his latest book, HOW TO?, his latest work based on his wildly popular webcomic, xkcd, and Savage discusses EVERY TOOL’S A HAMMER: Life Is What You Make It, his new book that shares his golden rules of creativity, from finding inspiration to following through and successfully turning your idea into reality.

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  5. FFR 62: Starship Troopers

    You’re going to love this week’s phenomenal conversation about Starship Troopers (1997) with special guests Mary Robinette Kowal and Max Temkin!

    Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion (and very amicable disagreement) about how successfully the film executes its satire of fascist military fantasies. Just what are the possibilities and limits of satire? What can director Paul Verhoeven’s career tell us about this "pointed critique of American imperialism"? And exactly how long will it take Anita to remember the name of the game Spec Ops without Carolyn to help? Timestamps: 0:00 - Introductions (special guests Mary Robinette Kowal and Max Temkin) 1:47 - Pop Culture News Terry Crews is amazing and does not deserve or need any commentary from comedian D.L. Hughley Shout out to the SAG Awards winners we like; no mention of those winners we don’t like 5:39 - Starship Troopers 41:20 What’s Your FREQ Out You Owe Me a Murder Martha Ann Maxwell


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