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  1. The Cast of Us #5 February 6, 2023 Ellie’s Got a Gun

    S1E4 Review: “Please Hold to My Hand” Hosts Ben Rice McCarthy, Brian Hamilton, and Tiff Arment with Merlin Mann

    Special guest Merlin Mann, who is outstanding in his field, joins Ben, Tiff, and Brian in their recap this week. Pedro Pascal was great on SNL, Melanie Lynskey is great in everything, and we don’t know how syphoning works, but we know it works. Plus, a new way of looking at popcorn.

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  2. Really Specific Stories: John Siracusa

    John covers his extensive history as a Mac enthusiast, web developer, writer, podcaster and lover of music and art. He also explains his transition to a fully independent career on the Internet and how he has juggled various personas, roles and fandoms over the years.

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  3. You Are Good - Teachable Moments, Trauma, and why “Bean Dad” struck a nerve

    January 06, 2021 We meant to take this week off but then a thing happened. Musician, podcaster and public personality John Roderick struck a collective nerve by telling a story about his daughter, beans, and a can opener. In doing so he became known to many as "Bean Dad". We use this surprise phenomenon, and how and why it resonated negatively for many, to talk about "teachable moments", anxiety, trauma and collective PTSD. It's about Bean Dad, sure, but really it's about us all.

    We'll be back with our first proper episode of 2021 next week. Magnolia, y'all!

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  4. The Talk Show 274 ‘Sport Mode’, With Special Guest Merlin Mann

    Special guest Merlin Mann returns to the show. Topics include the renewal of U.S. law enforcement officials’ disingenuous campaign against iPhone encryption, the Houston Astros cheating scandal, how that cheating scandal relates to the Trump impeachment saga, and Catalyst and the art of Mac software design. But mostly we talk about finding a good pair of slippers.


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  5. Ologies with Allie Ward - LIFE ADVICE: For anyone who is tired & needs some hacks

    Pomodoro timers! Bullet journals! Apps, tips, tricks and philosophies. Also: the most mellow episode ever, recorded late at night in a guest room. Like a cozy duvet of wisdom, this one is full of life hacks for remaining productive & healthy during distracting times. I asked Ologites their best strategies for keeping their brains less burdened and organizing everything from schedules to leftovers to sock drawers.

    In 5 quick chapters: Your Hot Bod Needs This Home is Where the Hard Is Wrestling with Father Time Tricking Your Brain to Trick Your Brain Emo Stuff

    Whether you’re neurotypical or not, this final follow up on the ADHD series is a catalogue of strategies to make future you happier. Also: some end-of-episode life updates from Dadward on why you’ve gotten re-runs for two weeks.

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  6. Ologies with Allie Ward - Part 2: Attention-Deficit Neuropsychology (ADHD) with How to ADHD, Black Girl Lost Keys, Jahla Osborne + more

    Did Part 1 (with Dr. Russell Barkley) leave you informed and now you need a pep talk? Get ready for an absolute banger of an episode with 3 experts: René Brooks of, TEDTalk speaker and How to ADHD YouTuber Jessica McCabe, and neuroscientist Jahla Osborne of University of Michigan. What is it like to get diagnosed? How do you know which medication – if any – is right for you? Why is there such a spike in ADHD diagnoses during the pandemic? Autism and ADHD: what’s the deal? What accommodations should a person ask for? How can you have a strong relationship with one (or more) ADHD brains? What if your boyfriend juggles flaming swords for fun? Sure there are tips and tricks, but get ready for the pep talk and self-acceptance honestly everyone needs to hear. Plus: two cameos from past Ologists: Dr. Tiara Moore (Forensic Ecology) and Dr. Adam Becker (Quantum Ontology). Oh, and how this relates to Alie’s own Dadbrain. HERE WE GO.

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  7. Ologies with Allie Ward - Part 1: Attention-Deficit Neuropsychology (ADHD) with Russell Barkley

    Focus. Productivity. Relationships. Distraction. Neurodiversity. How do you know if you have ADHD? How can you get others to understand your ADHD brain? What are your treatment options and how can they help? In Part 1, we talk racing thoughts, brilliant brains and the causes and effects of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with the world’s leading expert, Dr. Russell Barkley who is A BIG DEAL. Psychologist, retired professor of clinical psychiatry, author and speaker, Dr. Barkley has a personal connection to ADHD and has studied it for nearly 40 years. Is it all cute quirks? Nope. It’s serious business. But next week, we’ll hear about tips and tricks and self-love from 3 more experts — Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD, René Brooks of Black Girl Lost Keys and ADHD researcher Jahla Osborne. I’M TRYING NOT TO USE A BUNCH OF EXCLAMATION POINTS. It’s exciting.

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  8. Weekly Buddy Time 181 Make Review Pizza

    Stacy and Devon interview friend of the show Helen about productivity hacks and steering towards the lighthouse.

    Crooked Crab - Who's a Good Boy <>
    Atomic Habits <>
    Essentialism <>
    Set Boundaries, Find Peace <>

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