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  1. Game Show | Low Definition: Tempted by the Little Man (Episode 31)


    Low Definition: Tempted by the Little Man

    An hour of fun

    Definitions from Steve Lutz

    Plus Florida Man

    Low Definition


    1, 2016

    1 hour, 4 minutes

    Steve Lutz

    with Erika Ensign, Tiffany Arment, Glenn Fleishman, Antony Johnston, Brian Hamilton and Jason Snell


    (29 M)

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    NBC Miami: Florida Man


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    Low Definition: Tempted by the Little Man

    An hour of fun

    Definitions from Steve Lutz

    Plus Florida Man

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  2. Bonus Track | Ohhh Myyyy (Episode 212b)

    Lots of George Takei impressions, plus “Toy Story” talk—including our diabolical interpretation of what really happened to Andy’s dad. And John Siracusa mistakes bamboo for pot.

    September 20, 2014

    21 minutes

    • Movies

    Jason Snell

    with Andy Ihnatko, Steve Lutz, Merlin Mann, John Siracusa and David J. Loehr

    —Huffduffed by MarkBartlett

  3. Bonus Track | Hovering Over the Butt (Episode 229b)

    Tiff describes anonymous Skype icons in a way we can’t unsee, and more Portal talk. Plus a bonus song by Robert Goulet, er, Andy Ihnatko!

    January 10, 2015

    11 minutes

    Jason Snell

    with Tiffany Arment, Brianna Wu, John Siracusa, Tony Sindelar and Andy Ihnatko

    —Huffduffed by AcornElf

  4. Bonus Track | The Cat Has Been Dead for Months (Episode 205b)

    Sprinklers, more “Iron Giant” talk, the live-action “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and a Morrissey song about the dolls in a doll house in a doll museum.


    2, 2014

    30 minutes

    Jason Snell

    with John Siracusa, Steve Lutz, Merlin Mann, David J. Loehr and Tony Sindelar

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  5. 5by5 | The Incomparable #194: A Real Imaginary Friend

    Grab your black cat and portable radio, climb on your mom's broomstick, and join us for a discussion of Hayao Miyazaki's classic animated film "Kiki's Delivery Service." This film features a climactic scene featuring an out-of-control dirigible, so you know we love it.

    With panelists Merlin Mann, John Siracusa, and Steve Lutz.

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  6. The Incomparable #136: We Waited 16 Years For This?

    Posted Saturday, April 20, 2013

    They said it couldn't be done! They said it shouldn't be done! But here we are, talking about "Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace." Why are the Jedi such jerks? A little Jedi goes a long way. Also, the biggest letdown of John Siracusa's life to date, stupid droids, good actors being boring, text versus subtext, the merits of prequels in general, and why this is a movie that makes us dream… of a better movie. Exqueeze me? (Part 1 of 2.)

    Show Link

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