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  1. IRL Talk Yosemite Review

    Faith and Jason are joined by John Siracusa again this week! Topics for this episode include cracked iPhone screens, Anime, natural selection, Idiocracy, mashups, and more.Show Notes

    Woman Who Cracked 3 Separate iPhone Screens Expecting Baby Boy This August | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

    The Neverending Story (6/10) Movie CLIP - Big Good Strong Hands (1984) HD - YouTube

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    John's Random Musing

    Idiocracy Discussion

    OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review | Ars Technica

    Christian Bale Drops Out of Steve Jobs Biopic | Variety

    Christian Bale can't play Steve Jobs. Here are 8 people who can | The Verge


    Cowboy Bebop (TV Series 1998– ) - IMDb

    Planetes (TV Series 2003–2004) - IMDb

    Ghost in the Shell (1995) - IMDb

    Grave of the Fireflies (1988) - IMDb

    Bootie Blog


    welcome to the web wide world of the kleptones

    the kleptones invite you to a night at the hip-hopera

    Girl Talk - All Day

    John Siracusa


    Accidental Tech Podcast

    John Siracusa (@siracusa) | Twitter

    The Incomparable - a podcast from The Incomparable


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  2. The Menu Bar 013: The Brit, The Aussie & The Cichy

    King of podcasts Myke Hurley visits the bar to discuss Guy Fawkes Day, the nightmare of timezones, the British empire vs Australia, AJC & Zac's bromance, starting a podcast, launching the Prompt, the fear of trying new things and 5by5tropolis.

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  3. Roderick on the Line, Ep. 11: “Everybody Knew What Mr. Finnell Did”

    The Problems: the status of Napoleon’s hat; historically significant panties on the auction block; major issues in corporal punishment; Liza’s mostly lifelike Naugahyde partner; recovering our Oprah memories; John’s investigative broom closet journalism; the IMAX technology that was wasted on the Gunther Gebel Williams clan; conspiracy theories around Pee-wee’s Sarasota jam-up; why Seattle’s goin’ hungry in the lemon yellow sun; Mr. Finnell’s copy is goldenrod; Donovan’s probably fake smile; tackling our usual authenticity issues; some “e”-zy diaeresis häcks; why John’s just not a fan; the salient différence; Merlin’s glass-lined taxi driver problems; how the sunshine bores the daylights out of the one Rolling Stones lick Merlin knows; knowing how or whether to marry the other one from Wham! (U.K.); an opium-dulled death by a thousand mimeographs; the varieties of childhood paddles; in Soviet Alaska, Teamsters bust you; knowing when to save those pedagogically-stained Dolphin shorts; the seasonal difficulties of adjudicating clowns; some sensitive cultural subtleties of ping-pong; and the complex reasons why John can’t stop playing solitaire in traffic.

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  4. Natural Language Processing in Objective-C

    Slides for this talk are available here: https://speakerdeck.com/mattt/natural-language-processing-in-objective-c

    Apple has provided some truly remarkable language APIs in its frameworks. It's almost unfair how good they are, considering how most languages struggle just to handle Unicode correctly. From tokenizers and part-of-speech taggers, to transcription, data detectors, and document classification using latent semantic analysis; this session will cover the APIs as well as the linguistic theory behind them, so that you may leverage these insanely powerful technologies in your application.

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  5. Syncing Core Data with Web Services using AFIncrementalStore

    Second to views, networking is the hardest part of iOS programming. And it's several orders of magnitude more difficult if you plan to persist a local copy of the data in Core Data, and keep it in sync with the server. Nevermind the tricky theoretical issues of local cache invalidation and conflict resolution, it's hard enough to get Core Data set up in the first place! At least all of this was true before AFInrementalStore came around. Come learn how AFIncrementalStore works, and in doing so, get a deep dive into Core Data itself.

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