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  1. Behind the Scenes: Budgeting with a Partner

    Experienced YNAB'ers understand that budgeting is an active, ongoing process that requires frequently engagement with your budget. Ideally, both partners in a relationship are fully engaged in the budget, but the budgeting process can take many forms. In today's Behind the Scenes episode, Jesse chats with YNAB employees about budgeting with a partner, and the many ways couples learn to navigate the routine.   Sign up for a free 34-day trial of YNAB at

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  2. I Don’t Get It: EP199: Sex & Intimacy with Dr. Viviana Coles

    Dr. Viviana Coles is the expert on Lifetime's hit show Married At First Sight and since 2003, has exclusively focused on her work with couples and individuals experiencing emotional and physical intimacy issues. The girls talk to her about the show, if size really matters, fetishes, dating people who don't really open up, and what to do when you and your partner have different sex drives (and so much more!).

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  3. Facebook Engineering Process with Kent Beck - Software Engineering Daily

    Kent Beck is a legendary figure in the world of software engineering.  Kent was an early advocate of Test-Driven Development (TDD), and popularized the idea of writing unit tests before writing code that would satisfy those unit tests. A unit test isolates and tests a small piece of functionality within a large piece of software.

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  4. Kurt Crenwelge is Breathing Life Back into NPCs | Roll for Persuasion - Conversations With Creators

    Kurt Crenwelge is the host of Sidekicks & Side Quests; a podcast focused bringing life back to NPCs! Kurt and I chat about how he uses his show to help guests who have never played D&D before create fun and interesting characters to use in your own game.

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  5. Episode 400: Michaela Greiler on Code Reviews : Software Engineering Radio

    Episode 400: Michaela Greiler on Code Reviews

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    by SE-Radio

    on February 26, 2020


    Michaela Greiler discusses the importance of code reviews and how to conduct them. Felienne spoke with Greiler about the practice of code reviews, how to get better at them, what tools can be used to support them, as well as how to behave in the roles of both reviewer and code author.

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  6. Technical Difficulties - 080 - A History of Computing with Dr. Drang

    Dr. Drang returns to explore his background in computing from the late 1970s to today. Along the way we discover what happens when you mess up a punchcard, what Linux was like in the early days, why he uses a Mac today, and his perspectives on the near future of computing.

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