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  1. Upgrade #88: Happy Apple Watch Users - Relay FM

    A year later, Jason and Myke are still using their Apple Watches. Amid high-profile users abandoning Apple’s new wearable, why do we still enjoy it? Also, we rage about a NYT story about high-profile podcasters trying to change the way the industry works.

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  2. Technical Difficulties - 080 - A History of Computing with Dr. Drang

    Dr. Drang returns to explore his background in computing from the late 1970s to today. Along the way we discover what happens when you mess up a punchcard, what Linux was like in the early days, why he uses a Mac today, and his perspectives on the near future of computing.

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  3. How to actually enjoy yourself at the symphony,… |

    How to actually enjoy yourself at the symphony, and sneak your name into your favorite TV show.

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  4. YLNT - Parlor Parlor @ XOXO 2015 (attempt 2)

    Our favorite trio.


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  5. Teaching Teachers - American RadioWorks

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  6. MaxFunCon: Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work; The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun

    He doesn’t fully grasp what the seduction community is about, but there is truth in what he says.

    For example, the Mystery Method fully deserves to be crapped upon and one can empathize with Merlin even if one doesn’t agree with him wholesale.

    He’s an insightful guy, if you cut him some slack on this topic.

    The "community" can handle it, really.

    And let’s be honest: most guys in the "community" are bumbling fools who don’t understand the first thing about real self-improvement—even if there are exceptions.

    Anyway, Merlin’s thesis remains valid.

    It doesn’t require tearing down others; he just chose to dismantle his own (somewhat true) concept of the "community" to illustrate what to do better.

    That’s what we should all be focusing on anyway: how can I do better?

    How can you?

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  7. Vulf Compressor | Tonal, by Goodhertz

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  8. Meet the Author: Becoming Steve Jobs

    Gruber interviews authors of Becoming Steve Jobs

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  9. Special 1: The Origin of John Roderick

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  10. Bonus Track | Bang! Bang! Bang! (Episode 5)

    At the end of a secret recording session last week, Jason asked for holiday anecdotes. And then things fell apart.

    December 22, 2014

    5 minutes

    Jason Snell

    with Tony Sindelar, Glenn Fleishman, Monty Ashley, David J. Loehr and Dan Moren

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