Fireside with Peter Adkison: History of Magic the Gathering, featuring Skaff Elias

Peter talks with Skaff Elias, who was involved in research & development through the early years of Magic and the primary architect of MtG’s Pro Tour and organized play system.

Skaff Elias was a Senior Vice President for Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro. Skaff was responsible for the design and development of many Wizards’ card games and was the primary architect of the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and organized play system. Skaff was the brand and business manager for Magic: The Gathering during its formative years and worked on Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition. He is currently a partner in Three Donkeys LLC with Richard Garfield and has helped design and develop computer games for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Valve, and others as well as paper-based games like King of Tokyo and Keyforge. Skaff received a B. A. in Physics from Princeton University.

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