Rails Podcast Brasil, QCon Special - Ola Bini (JRuby, Ioke) Part 1

Finally, I was able to finish all the interviews I intended. The last one was with Ola Bini. It was weird because we started recording yesterday and continued today. The problem was that my recorder died out of battery :-(

So, in the end we did a 2 part interview, with almost 1 hour each. You will agree that this is the geekiest interview ever. It was actually more of a lecture, with Ola Bini explaining every conceivable programming technique and paradigm in the book. Seriously.

We went through Lisp, Erlang, F#, Haskell, Java, Self, ML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Io and much more. It was a very intense conversation so make yourself prepared for an overdose of language geekiness discussion.

I had 2 goals in mind with this. First, to introduce many programming concepts before talking about Ola’s new language implemented on top of the JVM: Ioke, a Io-inspired language, prototype-based, highly dynamic, based on Io, Lisp, Ruby. This language is way cool, you should experiment with it

The second goal was to show people that there is this whole world out there, outside of plain Java or C#. And another thing was to not show a white-bearded senior developer like Kent Beck or Tim Bray :-) No offense, but it is accidentally convenient for me that Ola is so young (early 20’s), because now young CS students doesn’t have the ‘age’ excuse for not knowing all of these concepts already.