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  1. Friends in Your Ears - a podcast from The Incomparable

    Kathy is joined by Christine Tremoulet and Jean MacDonald to talk about some fun podcast history, new podcasts to discover and the journey of making it to where they are in podcast land. Additionally, find out what historical event they would want to witness what actually happened - the newest Plane Crash Corner?

    Theme Music by Christopher and Adelaide Breen

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  2. Episode 1: Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard! – Manuscripting Pod file | Play in new window | Duration: 18:18

    Welcome to episode 1 of Manuscripting Pod, a show where I talk about writing, explore procrastination, and attempt to keep my inner critic hogtied and in the corner. I’m your host Less and in this episode, I’m introducing the podcast to the world!

    I want to send some love to the folks who have already been so supportive of this podcast. Toffer, Jessie, Andy, Brad, Jane, and my co-hosts on RSVP Lenore and Dee. Also, the entire Manuscripting facebook group that I randomly changed over to the Manuscripting Pod group. Little did you know when it was created that I’d been thinking about creating this podcast! Also, big thanks to everyone over on Instagram and Twitter for tolerating my relentless messing around with watercolors and attempts to create the logo by hand and giving me feedback about the colors and logo.







    Show Notes

    McCallan, Back to the Start

    Bard, There’s a Possibility

    Pollan, How to Change Your Mind

    Brewer, The Craving Mind

    RSVP: Stationery Podcast

    Jessie aka HerdingNomad on Instagram

    Call Your Girlfriend Podcast

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  3. Designing a Modular System with Sarah Federman «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    What are design systems and how can we nurture them? Adobe Design Engineer Sarah Federman dives into the whys and hows of design systems for small and large teams. We discuss how to create, maintain and communicate the importance of design systems, while also highlighting the importance of developer input early on and throughout the entire process.

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  4. Episode 97: Mechanical Animals (with special guest Vivian Wagner) | The Erasable Podcast

    We’ve received many requests throughout the four years we’ve been making this podcast to talk about mechanical pencils. But it’s not something any of the three of we hosts really know a whole lot about. So tonight, we’re going to talk about mechanical pencils as tools used by a regular wooden pencil user.


    Tagged with pencil user

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  5. Episode 221 of The SpoolCast: Kate Kiefer Lee - Voice and Tone Live! — — The UX Podcast Network

    Given the amount of communications a user takes in on a daily basis, how you speak to them is incredibly important. The “voice” a company uses contributes to the establishment of the brand as well a creates a distinguishing identifier that sets it apart within the daily deluge of content users encounter. A consistent voice can help a user feel comfortable and familiar with your organization.

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