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  1. Listen to the podcast: Tim Brown

    Podcast and transcript from Intersections 07 of Tim Brown of Ideo, discussing ‘design thinking’, and whether it can help us be more optimistic about the future of design

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  2. Listen to the podcast: The rise of the polymath

    Podcast and transcript of designer Richard Seymour at Intersections 07 reflecting on his discipline-busting career, and designers’ opportunity to reinvent our future

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  3. See, Sort, Sketch: Pen & Paper Design

    The rich world of human behavior is fascinating to observe, yet difficult to interpret. People’s goals and motivations lay hidden beneath behaviors, masked from sight until user research and analysis exposes them. But is the purpose of these insights really just a report to hand off to a design or engineering team? Kate Rutter says, "No!"

    Increasingly, research and design teams are including other stakeholders in the analysis process and using hands-on, visual tools to bring clarity and insight. How is this done? By using the analog favorites of pen and paper.

    In this talk, you’ll get a taste-test of methods and activities that leverage the power of pen and paper as open, participatory tools in the research analysis process.

    Slideshow PDF:

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  4. Christian Crumlish – Designing social interfaces

    Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 1.40pm.

    Designing for social interaction is hard. People are unpredictable, consistency is a mixed blessing, and co-creation with your users requires a dizzying flirtation with loss of control. Christian will present the dos and don’ts of social web design using a sampling of interaction patterns, design principles and best practices to help you improve the design of your digital social environments.

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  5. Grant Robinson – Visualising the user experience | Web Directions

    Designing for dynamic web applications and mobile devices poses a new set of challenges. Web designers are increasingly being asked to apply their skills to where the page model no longer applies. We need new ways of exploring the user experience and communicating behaviours involving sub-page changes and movement.

    Enter rapid prototyping. Widely acclaimed as one of the best ways to create great user experiences, it isn’t without its own pitfalls. This session will discuss the pros and cons of different prototyping techniques, and introduce a new technique called “screenflows” that focuses on visualising the user experience. Discover how to combine the best of paper prototyping, wireframes and HTML prototyping into one simple and effective prototyping technique. Learn how using this method can dramatically decrease the need for documentation, while increasing the speed and agility of the development process.

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