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I run a small design consultancy in Brighton with a few of my friends. I really enjoy my work as it allows me to exercise my creativity on a daily basis. Consequently you can always find me talking about design and going to design related events.

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  1. Irene Au on design leadership and experience-driven organizations

    Irene Au is a design leader and UX expert with deep experience in team-building. She’s currently an operating partner at Khosla Ventures, where she works with startup CEOs to make their designs great. Irene started her career at Netscape - then moved on to lead design efforts at Yahoo, Google and Udacity. This progression gives her a unique perspective on growing UX teams - and smart strategies for enhancing design in different situations. Irene brings a deeply humanistic approach to everything she does, and integrates her passion for Yoga and mindfulness into everything she does. Listen in and discover how a silicon valley legend gets startup CEOs to embrace iterative, user-centered design practices.

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  2. 001: Jason Fried – Whose Schedule Are You On? - Hurry Slowly

    Basecamp co-founder and CEO Jason Fried on how to find a slow and steady approach to work in a world of constant interruptions.

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  3. Are You Leading With Curiosity Or..? - Product Mindset

    In this episode of Success Factors, I speak with 4 product makers - Jeff Gothelf, Melissa Perri , Paul Yokota and Sarah Doody about leading with curiosity.

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  4. Are the Tools You Use Helping Your Company Culture? - Product Mindset

    In this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with Matthew Strom, who is the co-founder of Planetary, a design agency, to talk about the role of tools in shaping company culture and more.

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  5. Have You Mastered The Art Of Communication? - Product Mindset

    In this Topical Zoom episode, I speak with 6 experts about Mastering the Art of Communication, a key Product Mindset topic.

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  6. Service Design Is The New Unorthodox - Product Mindset

    In this Ferris Wheel episode, I speak with Peter Merholz, the co-founder of Adaptive Path. I deconstruct his thinking on user centered vs service design.

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  7. Design Leadership & Evolution Of Design - Product Mindset

    In this Ferris Wheel episode, I speak with Peter Merholz, the co-founder of Adaptive Path. He talks about design leadership and the evolution of design.

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  8. Why Leading Without Authority Is Key? - Product Mindset

    In this Focus Forty episode I speak with Jackie Bavaro, Head of PM at Asana, about Leading without Authority, success and more.

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  9. Ben Brown on bot tools

    The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: An optimistic look at the future of bots.In this episode of the O’Reilly Bots Podcast, Pete Skomoroch and I speak with Ben Brown, co-founder and CEO of, the bot toolmaker behind the Botkit framework. Brown also runs the Talkabot conference, which was held in Austin this past September. Discussion points:

    The types of bots that people are building and experimenting with on Botkit

    How the evolution of bots compares to the evolution of mobile apps

    The strikingly collegial bots community: Brown cites the contributions that IBM and Microsoft have made to Botkit

    Praise for new types of bots, including notification bots (such as Poncho), what Brown calls “unfurling content” bots (such as Purple), and bots that open channels to discussions with humans

    Thington, an Internet of Things platform that functions like a chatroom for micro-bots connected to different home devices

    Other links:

    The Harvard Business Review bot, which sends out advice articles

    Bloomberg article on Slack’s partnership with IBM to build chatbots

    IBM’s “World of Watson” event, held in October

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  10. 153: Khaleesi of the Couch (feat. Jeany Ngo) | Design Details

    Today we caught up with Jeany Ngo, a designer by day at Airbnb, artist and creator and cosplayer by night. We dig into her journey into design, internships and hustle, art and cosplay, aphantasia and logic, and so much more.

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