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Its pretty common to become frustrated with art. But if you try this technique, you can use your frustration to your advantage. Competition will always be fierce, and you cant expect others to go easy on you and you dont want fake encouragement. Its important to contextualize the reaction you get from your art to maximize your output and never give up or quit on art.

Games I’ve worked on - Fortnite (Environment concept art) Overwatch (Environment concept art + Sprays artwork) League of Legends (Character design + Environment concept art, UI + Icons) Diablo 3 (Character design + Environment concept art) Hearthstone (Illustration) Burning Crusade(Character design + Environment concept art) Wrath of the Lich King (Character design + Environment concept art) Indivisible (Environment concept art) Final Fight Streetwise (Voice Acting + Character Design + Worl…

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