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  1. Alan Knott-Craig: Back in the game with R80m war chest

    With a war chest of R80m after two rounds of funding, Alan Knott-Craig is determined to redefine another sector of the developing New Economy.

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  2. MGG 572: Cool Stuff Found, El Capitan Tips, Networks & More - Mac Geek Gab Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Cool Stuff Found returns for a segment, but that still leaves time to prep you for El Capitan’s release this week. What are your geek’s favorite features in the upcoming OS update? Listen to find out that and some tips for installing, too. Then it’s on to your questions, including diagnosing some connection dropouts and advice for a new drive. Listen today!

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  3. High quality — 6.5 MB

    Gareth’s Guests, 20 Jul Graeme Joffe - Gareth Cliff speaks to sports journalist Graeme Joffe who’s in exile in the United States, after death threats. Graeme’s harrowing story reveals mass shameless corruption in South African sport.

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  4. Elite Runner Had Qualms When Alberto Salazar Told Her to Use Asthma Drug for Performance - ProPublica

    Elite distance runner Lauren Fleshman says that Alberto Salazar helped her get treatment for asthma, but she became squeamish when he suggested that she use medication in a different manner than the doctor instructed.

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