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  1. Episode 43: Here’s a Document on How to Best Deal with My Foibles — Screaming in the Cloud

    A Manager README is a document designed to establish clarity between a

    manager and those who report to them. These documents are especially useful

    for onboarding content. For example, if you have someone new starting on

    your team, there's so many things you need to share with them - pieces of

    advice and guidance that help them to make the best decision about what to

    do in specific situations. A Manager README sets some expectations in

    advance to make things easier and reduce friction and anxiety for team


    Today, we’re talking to Matt Newkirk, who manages Etsy’s localization and

    translation group. He explains that even if your company has an intensive

    onboarding program and review process, some things are still left out. A

    Manager README is a helpful and proactive piece of content that prompts

    conversations about how people perceive things.

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