Patrick Rhone - SE05 / EP08

In this episode, Mike is joined by Patrick Rhone and things get deep. Patrick has followed sketchnoting since Mike coined the term, and he uses sketchnoting every morning in a very different way. This is the perfect episode for anyone who would love to sketchnote but doesn’t think they can (and it’s a great discussion for the long time Pro too).

RUNNING ORDER * Intro * Patrick’s sketchnote journey * A sketchnote travel book * Meeting different people * Why do people sketchnote? * What puts people off sketchnoting and how to overcome that * One-and-done vs the two-step * Drawing the same thing again and again * Playing the long game - slow, steady, and then sudden bursts * The pilot class of the Sketchnote Workshop * Sketchnote morning pages and defeating The Resistance * Find the bird * 3 Tips * Tools * Get rid of the special

LINKS * Patrick’s website - * Patrick’s books - * The Cramped - * The Palm Tipsheet - * Moleskine - * Peter Jenkins, A Walk Across America - * “Ideas not Art” stickers and buttons - * Rob Dimeo…

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