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  1. Continuity | Alexander Rose (Talk + Q&A)

    One of Long Now’s founding premises is that humanity’s most significant challenges require long-term solutions, including institutions that caretake and guide the knowledge and commitment needed to work over long time scales.

    However, there are a limited number of organizations that have managed to stay stable over many centuries, and in some cases, over a millennium. Long Now has been informally tracking these organizations for years, and in 02019 formed The Organizational Continuity Project to study long-lived institutions more formally.

    Alexander Rose, Long Now’s Executive Director, discusses how The Organizational Continuity Project hopes to discover the lessons behind these long-lived organizations and build a discipline of shareable knowledge that will help contemporary institutions, companies, and governments develop into robust, long-lasting structures. In turn, we hope these institutions will be better equipped to address civilizational-scale problems with multi-generational thinking.

    "Continuity: Discovering the Lessons behind the World’s Longest-lived Organizations" was given on April 20, 02021 as part of Long Now’s Seminar series. The series was started in 02003 to build a compelling body of ideas about long-term thinking from some of the world’s leading thinkers. The Seminars take place…

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  2. Steve Jobs Stories

    Chris Fralic, Steven Levy, Esther Dyson, Mike Slade, John/Diane SCULLEY, Seth Godin, Andy Cunningham, Dan’l Lewin, Doug Menuez, Regis McKenna, Andy Hertzfeld, and Steven Rosenblatt share their "Steve Jobs Stories" in honor of what would have been the Apple cofounder’s 66th birthday.

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  3. GitLab with Sid Sijbrandij - Software Engineering Daily

    GitLab is an open source platform for software development. GitLab started with the ability to manage git repositories and now has functionality for collaboration, issue tracking, continuous integration, logging, and tracing. GitLab’s core business is selling to enterprises who want a self-hosted git installation, such as banks or other companies who prefer not to use

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  4. Joined by Javan Makhmali and Sam Stephenson | Remote Ruby

    Buckle up! In this episode, Javan Makhmali and Sam Stephenson join Jason and Chris. Sam and Javan are employees at Basecamp and also part of the mastermind behind many JavaScript libraries to come out of Basecamp: Turbolinks, Trix, and Stimulus. They each share how they got started programming, a brief insight into how they work at Basecamp, the transition from CoffeeScript to ES6, Typescript, as well as (wait for it…) upcoming features in Stimulus (🙌) and considerations for Turbolinks 6 (no feature promises made 😉).

    It was an absolute joy to chat with Javan and Sam. We very much enjoyed this episode and hope you will enjoy it, too.

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  5. Minimalism: A Conversation with Patrick Rhone, author of “ENOUGH” | Erica Boucher

    Jan 14, 2018

    I first learned of Patrick Rhone when he was among the few that were included in a documentary called Minimalism, A Documentary About The Important Things.  Patrick is also the author of the book ENOUGH.

    While I was just about to push “record” and do my own podcast on the topic, when I heard back from Patrick I decided to turn this into a conversation. And it is one I thoroughly enjoyed having. 

    Listen in as Patrick and I discuss what minimalism means to us, how to live as a minimalist (whether or not you choose to label it) when your spouse or partner is not, and the other surprising ways living with less can enhance the quality of our lives.

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  6. Episode 43: Here’s a Document on How to Best Deal with My Foibles — Screaming in the Cloud

    A Manager README is a document designed to establish clarity between a

    manager and those who report to them. These documents are especially useful

    for onboarding content. For example, if you have someone new starting on

    your team, there’s so many things you need to share with them - pieces of

    advice and guidance that help them to make the best decision about what to

    do in specific situations. A Manager README sets some expectations in

    advance to make things easier and reduce friction and anxiety for team


    Today, we’re talking to Matt Newkirk, who manages Etsy’s localization and

    translation group. He explains that even if your company has an intensive

    onboarding program and review process, some things are still left out. A

    Manager README is a helpful and proactive piece of content that prompts

    conversations about how people perceive things.

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  7. Sam Harris, Ph.D.: The transformative power of mindfulness (EP.34)

    In this episode, Sam Harris, neuroscientist, author, and host of the Waking Up Podcast, walks us through the profound, yet practical, ways that meditation can transform our lives. Additionally, he helps to define the types of meditation and clarifies potential misconceptions with terms like happiness, pain, and suffering. We discuss:

    The transformative moment that led to Peter reaching out to Sam [3:45]; Comparing the two broad types of meditation, and Peter’s favorite meditation apps [7:45]; The pleasure of a concentrated mind, meditating with pain, and the difference between pain and suffering [13:15]; What it means to be happy, and how to break out of our default state [23:15]; The disease of distraction, why humans suffer, the limitation of happiness, and letting go of anger with mindfulness [31:00]; The challenge of learning mindfulness, the benefit of silent retreats, and Sam’s first experience in solitude as a teenager [54:15]; Sam’s life-altering experience with MDMA [1:03:00]; Mettā meditation a.k.a. loving-kindness, and the concept of ‘moral luck’ [1:14:00]; Overcoming grief and dread with meditation [1:34:45]; The wrong way to practice mindfulness, and the difference between Vipassana and Dzogchen [1:44:45]; Sam’s commitment to never lie, honesty in politics, and Sam’s viewpoint on the Trump phenomenon [2:06:00]; Teaching kids to be more mindful [2:18:30]; Sam’s current book projects, the consequences of a politically correct environment, and the potential of neuroscience to cure psychopathy [2:25:30]; How you can follow Sam’s work [2:39:00]; and More.

    Learn more at

    Connect with Peter on

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  8. The Incomparable | Overture and Apes (Episode 431)

    Pick up a femur, order a moon sandwich, and always remember to bring your space helmet with you! On its 50th anniversary, we’re discussing Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” What is the Monolith’s purpose? When and why does HAL become murderous? And why is there so much solarized stock footage of landscapes? Watch out for cheetahs!

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