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  1. The Wrens Are the Ultimate Bar Joke

    On the inaugural episode of the new Crush On Radio, Richard Anderson is joined by Friend of the Internet, Merlin Mann, to discuss The Meadowlands by The Wrens, and a whole host of ratholes and related discussion on making art and being an adult.

    00:00 Introductions

    Back to Work

    Roderick on the Line

    kung fu grippe


    01:12 The Meadowlands

    Merlin gives the back story of The Wrens, and the theme of the album.

    The Wrens Official Site

    The Wrens on Wikipedia

    The Meadowlands on iTunes

    The Meadowlands on Wikipedia

    Exhausted - kung fu grippe

    The Meadowlands on Pitchfork

    Void Vision

    09:47 The Back to Work Part

    How hard it is to make art, lack of nets, and how hard it is to understand that. There’s no guarantees of success, even when you’re good—-and there never has, even now.

    Monster of rock: Allen Klein swindled The Stones and broke up The Beatles and is still

    rock ‘n’ roll’s most ruthless Svengali

    The Wrens - This Boy Is Exhausted

    12:51 Saudade

    Merlin talks about The Wrens live shows, rare as they are, and how much they put into it. Finally, some talk about the album itself: how it works as a cohesive whole, for example. Also, lyrics, and the rhythm and sound of language, and articulating the struggle of living.

    43 Folders - built while listening to The Meadowlands



    27:53 A Trailer for an Album

    The difficulty of talking about and sharing what you love, be it music, movies, comics, or whatever, and the concept of a song as a trailer for an album. Also, the the little tricks that impress us in music, the emotional connection, the human elements, and what gets the hook in.

    The Godfather Restaurant Scene

    She Sends Kisses Fan Video

    Ex-Girl Collection

    Everyone Choose Sides

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

    Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

    44:25 The Job of Being an Evangelist

    Sharing what you love, and the reason for The Show. The difficulty of finding new stuff, now more than ever, and circling back to sharing what you love. Side one and side two on records, and the difficulty of track sequencing. Discovery algorithms, vs human sharing, and how the former can’t beat the latter. Finally, our own discovery process, and growing in and out of music.

    The Long Winters - Carparts

    The Long Winters - Blue Diamonds

    Crush On Radio - Episodes

    Giant Size with Casey Liss

    Satanic ritual abuse



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  2. Cosmic Lion Radio : #22.1 The Les Claypool edition feat. Toaster

    Welcome back music lovers to Cosmic Lion Radio #22.1 the Les Claypool edition featuring Toaster from Toasterland.com.  In our bassiest edition ever we feature Toaster the underground archivist/curator of Toasterland.com’s galleries of setlists and streaming audio spanning the length of Les Claypool’s career.  I asked him to pick out some weird and wild cuts for us from deep in the archives and he came back with so many amazing live Claypool moments that I had to split this episode into two parts.  The podcasts are in chronological order and part one goes from 1989-2005 and features Primus, The Frog Brigade, Holy Mackerel (super rare stuff) and more.  You are really gonna get deep into the corners of the Claypool archive and hear some truly amazing music as well as hear Toaster and I talk about the shows and what makes us love Claypool so much. 

                If you haven’t checked Toasterland.com out yet and you like Les Claypool then you are really missing out.  It is an amazing wealth of knowledge and music and I am so thankful that he does what he does.  It was great to have him on this special 2 part episode.  See ya’ next week for part 2!


    As always if you want to be on Cosmic Lion Radio, have any ideas, or are in need of a creative mind email me at eli@cosmiclionproductions.com


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