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  1. Siberian Productions: Talking Comic book making with Hayden - 2SER - Real Radio 107.3 FM

    Siberian Productions is an Australian independent Comic book Company. They’ve just this year put out Act Three of their ‘Darkest Night’ series - adding to a nice little collection of works. We talked to Hayden Fryer Who artist and storywriter for Siberian Productions. We Discussed the creative processes behind Comic book creations and what the Comic book scene in Australia.

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    In the June 25th issue of the magazine, Ken Auletta writes about the e-book pricing battle taking place between book publishers and Apple, on one side, and Amazon on the other. Auletta joins Leo Carey in a conversation with Sasha Weiss about the effect of e-books on the publishing industry, writers, and readers.

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  3. Beardy and the geek: Gregory Mackay

    In this episode Ryan and Emmet talk to Gregory Mackay about his black comedy epic The Trials of Francis Bear.

    The discussion also takes in translating Aussie comics for the French market, how to explain the significance of Saturdays spent at a certain hardware store franchise to overseas readers, as well as the Caravan of Comics.

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