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  1. Taking Your Meditation to the Next Level (An Interview with Julianna Raye) -

    Most people imagine meditation to be something done in a serene location while sitting on a pillow. However, regular mindful meditation is a common habit among top CEOs and executives and it can be a useful tool in gaining the focus necessary to achieve your goals. Join Hal Elrod and special guest Julianna Raye as they discuss the benefits of mindfulness. 

    “Whether you become a millionaire, a billionaire, or you achieve all of your goals, if you don’t really master your inner world, your psychology, your emotions, then none of that matters.” Tweet This

    Starting as a mindfulness practitioner nineteen years ago, Julianna has exponentially increased awareness of the merits of mindful meditation. While most people are familiar with meditation, mindfulness is not as easy to define. To help clarify the core concepts behind mindful meditation, Julianna outlines the three key aspects of mindfulness (11:40): 

    Concentration power

    Sensory clarity


    Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or you’ve never meditated before, you can absolutely get value from Julianna. Take a few minutes out of your day and practice mindful meditation to reach a state of clarity and relaxation (24:00). Open the window to mindfulness and develop the tools to deconstruct your life experiences and gain clarity.

    “Meditation is the number one key to financial success.” Tweet This

    Many ambitious people fall into the trap of getting their fulfillment from their achievements. When you remove your need for progress, you can clear your mind to make better decisions. Recognizing that your fulfillment does not have to be dependent on any particular goal can allow you to be more in control of your inner world.

    “The essence of life is living. Not doing, not having, not achieving. It’s being, it’s living.” Tweet This

    Much like going to the gym, you may not notice results right away. But after establishing a habit of mindful meditation, you will not believe the accelerated growth in your inner and outer world. Life is not about the journey; it’s about the destination. Be truly present to the journey through mindful mediation.  




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  2. Technical Difficulties - 049 - Journaling with Paul Mayne

    Paul Mayne joins Gabe and Erik to discuss how he uses a daily journal and why he created Day One. They then talk a bit about how people use Day One, the role of journaling in the modern world, and where Day One is headed in the future. Then they go off topic to ponder whether the concept of "saving" a file is dead, and if not whether we can move beyond the anachronistic floppy disk icon.

    Show notes

    Paul Mayne on Twitter

    Day One


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    Redesigning the Save Symbol on Branch

    I Know This Much Is True

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