SXSW: Old Spice Resurrected: How Aging Icon Pwned Internet

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  1. Marketing Update - Advertising and Branding Status

    Marketing projects with Ogilvy about advertising and branding will soon have visible results.

    -Format for marketing updates -General thoughts on advertising -Explanation of expanded advertising campaign in Facebook and request for more funds -Update on the branding project

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  2. SXSW: The Art of Enchantment

    SXSW 2011 presentation by Guy Kawasaki.

    Worldwide introduction of Guy’s new book. This presentation is for people who have a great product or service but not a lot of money. Learn how to enchant people using word-of-mouth marketing, Twitter, Facebook, and presentations so that they become your raging, inexhorable thunderlizard evangelists.

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  3. SXSW 2012: Art and Advertising: Two Sides of the One Sheet

    The movie poster is dead! Long live the movie poster! Such are the proclamations that have cycled through the decades as movie poster design has ebbed from art form to dumbed downed marketing piece. Sometimes it rises to the former with a significant push from designers like Saul Bass and Neil Kellerhouse, but most of the time it recedes into the latter, wrenched down by the generic photomontages of studio film posters. However, in the last decade there’s been an interesting new wave taking place that brings these two disparate sides of the one sheet together. It’s being harnessed by collectible art boutique Mondo and embodied by artists (and panelists) Sam Smith, Justin Erickson and Akiko Stehrenberger; who are all striving to make movie marketing as engaging as the movie it’s representing. So how did this new wave take place and will it last? Can studios learn to embrace art in advertising? And can artists balance the advertising in their art?

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  4. Stuff You Should Know

    How Commercial Jingles Work — You probably can recite five right now. Commercial jingles are designed to hijack your working memory and implant a product or service and they really work. Learn about the history of these insidious and catchy advertising vehicles with Chuck and Josh.

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  5. Sugar & Spice: Episode 1 | We Happy Trans

    We’ve been talking about it for a while, but Bailey Jay and I finally launched Sugar and Spice, a trans news and advice show! By very happy coincidence, Namoli

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  6. The Science Of Spice

    We asked literal tastemakers: What makes a spice a hit… or a bust?

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  7. Start with WHY on Social Media - Nate Smoyer

    Nate Smoyer is a marketing professional with expertise in the fields of digital marketing, social advertising, sales, and outreach marketing. In addition to his role leading new publisher development at BuySellAds, Nate often consults for companies and professionals on advertising and social strategies. He’s an east-coast native struggling to live life at the joyous pace found in Bellingham, WA.

    Links Mentioned: Website: Twitter: @natesmoyer


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  8. 59 Spice World (w/ Retta)

    Can anyone explain the plot of Spice World? Parks and Recs Retta joins us to try to make sense of the movies nonsense such as; the gigantic interior of the bus, the pregnant Asian friend, and why Ginger Spice kisses an alien on the mouth. Well also g…

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  9. Strange But True Marketing Stories- Snake Oil And Truth In Advertising

    "Snake Oil" has come to mean any kind of marketing or sales trickery. But the history of where this term comes from is a strange but true marketing story.

    Read the full story at

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  10. SXSW: Viral Marketing with The Oatmeal

    SXSW 2011 presentation by Matthew Inman, the author, artist, and founder behind the one man operation known as The Oatmeal (

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