‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Gets An iMakeover

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  1. This American Life: #448: Adventure!

    Sometimes you choose the adventure and sometimes the adventure chooses you. This week, stories that pinpoint when people’s boring old lives turn into something wildly unfamiliar. Including a story of one young man’s time served in a Chinese prison, and a handful of adventure stories from some of our favorite writers.


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  2. Adventures With Words Episode 100! Choose Your Own Adventures With Words

    It’s the 100th episode! Time to celebrate with an adventure…

    This week Kate and Rob are joined by friend of the show Rich as they embark on a Choose Your Own Adventure. What happens when Kate and Rich are given a ‘supercomputer?’ We also discuss the books that we have been reading and a brand new podcast is announced!

    Episode 100. An Adventures With Words production.

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  3. iMore show 421: iPhone 6 buyers guide | iMore

    The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple! On this episode we dive into our annual iPhone buyers guide! Because, let’s face it, there are a lot of decisions involved when it comes to buying or upgrading to a new phone, even a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. 4.7- or 5.5-inch model? Silver, gold, or space gray finish? 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB storage capacity? There’s never been more to choose from! So which new iPhone 6 is the best one for you? Rene, Peter, and Ally will help you decide! Support the iMore show: Go to VARIDESK.com and tell the iMore sent you! Go to lynda.com/imore and try lynda.com free for 7 days! Go to Godaddy.com and use promo code IMORE199 to get your dot com for just $1.99!

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  4. Setup - The Adventure Zone: Dust | Maximum Fun


    The Adventure Zone

    Travis takes the wheel as we create our characters for our next mini-arc, The Adventure Zone: Dust! We’re playing the supernatural RPG Urban Shadows this time around. Listen in to get a brief primer on the game, our characters, and the unincorporated, Wild West-inspired town of Dry River.


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  5. D&D Choose Your Own Adventure Books Coming Soon

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