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  1. Episodes — THE GRID

    For more of the neighbourhood-oriented businesses, make sure to check out Konnektid in Amsterdam, Halfway Up the Stairs in Berlin, and HandUp in San Fransisco.Are there any interesting companies doing something for their communities that you think we have left out? Drop us a line at or share it on Twitter with the hashtag #thegrid01Produced and presented by Alexei Korolyov, co-produced by Milo Tesselaar. Logo and visual identityLilit Asiryan, graphic designer and visualcommunicator based in Stockholm. asiryan.comMusic and sound identityAlexander Forstner, musician and composerbased in Vienna. sneezingbeaver.comMusic sample: "In The Hood" by Kool & The GangWe take one topic at a time and you can help us decide what the next one will be mail us with your suggestions at

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