David Berlow: Adventures in Letterdrawing for Crude Media, & Co

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  1. Down with Web Typography - Indra Kupferschmid

    Down with ‘web typography’, long live ‘typography on the web’. Indra will open Ampersand by persuading us to retire the notion of web typography as a special case with its own rules, and instead have us consider the typographic pitfalls specific to type on screens.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.


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  2. The Next Steps for Web Typography - Marko Dugonjić

    We’ve come a long way with web typography since the dawn of web design, however, it sometimes feels as if the constraints of old still dampens our creativity. Marko will show us ways we can push typographic design on the web further, beyond the status quo of today.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.


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  3. The Future of Responsive Typography - Nick Sherman

    As web typographers stick with low-level hacks and antiquated standards, some of the most important elements of typography still aren’t addressed on the web of today. Nick will explore the unrealised potential for context-specific type, and how it might influence responsive design in the future.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.


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  4. Jason Santa Maria - On Web Typography

    Achieving a thorough grasp of typography can take a lifetime, but moving beyond the basics is within your reach right now. In this talk, we’ll learn how to look at typefaces with a discerning eye, different approaches to typographic planning, how typography impacts the act of reading, and how to choose and combine appropriate typefaces from an aesthetic and technical point of view. Through an understanding of our design tools and how they relate to the web as a medium, we can empower ourselves to use type in meaningful and powerful ways.

    Ampersand is an affordable one-day event for knowledgable web designers & type enthusiasts, held in Brighton on 17 June 2011.


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  5. Designing Typefaces for Screens - Bruno Maag

    In recent years, Dalton Maag have increasingly been designing typefaces for use primarily on screens, including the Amazon Bookerly fonts. Bruno will talk about the design, development and testing of these fonts, and how the process and requirements differ from primarily print fonts.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK. http://2015.ampersandconf.com/speakers#bruno

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  6. Think Outside the Font - Sarah Hyndman

    We are all type consumers and type is woven into the rituals of our everyday lives. Sarah will explore the psychology of typefaces, presenting practical, factual and research-based information about type; how it creates a first impression and can alter perceptions.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.


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  7. Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts - Jen Simmons

    With new CSS properties for layout landing in browsers, we may be about to see a renaissance in layout design patterns. Jen will show is how we can better use the space inside the glass rectangles, including a multitude of practical examples of what’s newly possible.

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK. http://2015.ampersandconf.com/speakers#jen

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  8. To Hell for Type - Marcin Wichary

    Medium aims to bring world-class typography to readers and writers. However, what appears to be clean on the surface often meant creative, but awkward solutions underneath. Marcin will share some battle scars, talk heinous hacks he’ll go to hell for, and divulge stories including the curse of the medium Medium font, the 150-year typographical war with Chrome, and the origin story of Fontificator, the “Bloomberg terminal for fonts.”

    Recorded at Ampersand 2015, Brighton, UK.


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