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  1. Netzzäsuren – Sascha Lobo – Viertausendhertz | Geschichten zum Hören

    Sascha Lobo ist ganz sicher einer der bekanntesten Personen in der deutschen Netzlandschaft.

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  2. RA Exchange: EX.264 Paul Kalkbrenner

    An intimate chat with a dance music superstar.

    Paul Kalkbrenner doesn’t quite fit the profile of most of the other guests we’ve had on the Exchange. He has a massive record deal with a major label, he’s just released an album, 7, that’s at or near the top of the charts throughout Europe, and he’s got a penchant for playing stadiums. Did we mention he’s a movie star? We probably didn’t need to. Yet somehow it felt completely natural inviting Kalkbrenner by our Berlin office for a career-spanning chat. His life as a producer has its roots in this city’s ’90s club scene, and he spent the first decade of his career producing for Bpitch Control. From early on, though, Kalkbrenner saw an alternate path for techno, one that led to bigger stages and brighter lights than the staunchly underground scene he grew up in. In 2015, he’s made it about as big as anyone with a direct connection to techno could ever hope to. But in conversation with Jordan Rothlein, he explains why there’s still a good deal left on his musical to-do list.

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  3. KR381 China | Küchenradio



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    1. November 2014 |

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    Markus in seinem Hongkonger Büro, 2009

    “Wo Chinas Einfluss wächst, leidet die Freiheit”, sagt Markus Rimmele, ARD-Hörfunk-Korrespondent in Shanghai. Er hat über die aktuellen Proteste un Hongkong berichtet, wo er mehrere Jahre gelebt hat (darüber hat er in KR173 berichtet).

    DocPhil spricht mit Markus über die aktuellen Proteste, das chinesische Internet, Pekings Zensur, seine Arbeit als Journalist und den wachsenden Machtanspruch Chinas in der Welt.

    Er erwähnte Artikel von Clay Shirky über “Occupy Hongkong”.

    Wir haben das Gespräch am Freitag, 14.11.2014 aufgenommen, also vor der Räumung einiger Protestlager in Hongkong, von denen heute, 18.11.2014, berichtet wird.

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  4. ‘neunetzcast - 52: Der Status Quo des Online-Journalismus’ on Instacast

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    Our systems are not designed to associate your personal information with your activities (such as pages you view or things you click on or search for).

    We do not knowingly contact or collect personal information from children under 13 years of age. If you believe we have inadvertently collected such information, please contact us so we can promptly obtain parental consent or remove the information.

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  5. 5by5 | Isometric #26: (Special) Glenn and I Are Not Enemies

    After being chased from her home by rape and death threats, Isometric host Brianna Wu has been under attack by Gamergate for 17 days. She sits down with journalist Glenn Fleishman and addresses the various accusations made towards her.

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  6. Slate Money on noncompete clauses, bad economics, and the Federal Reserve on J.P. Morgan’s “London Whale.”

    Listen to Episode No. 24 of Slate Money: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab On this week’s episode of Slate Money, host Felix Salmon of Fusion, Slate’s Jordan Weissmann, and Cathy O’Neil of Mathbabe discuss noncompete clauses for sandwich-makers, why most financial economics papers may be wrong, and…

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