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  1. Listen Now! Interview with George R.R. Martin and Christopher Paolini « Del Rey and Spectra - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Graphic Novels, and More

    Home of SF and fantasy publishers Del Rey and Spectra, with the latest news on our authors and books, plus exclusive content and ebooks.

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  2. Interview With Visual Effects Master Douglas Trumbull

    With the TIFF Bell Lightbox screening 2001: A Space Odyssey , and with Trumbull coming to speak at the Lightbox, Criticize This! got to chat with him about working with Kubrick, his amazing career, and his feelings on the current state of the special effects industry.

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  3. Q&A w. Jan Harlan on Stanley Kubrick

    We’ve just returned from a screening of Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, at Cinemateket with Jan Harlan – Kubrick’s brother-in-law and the film’s director – in attendance. The documentary itself, supreme as it is, is available on DVD; however, the Q&A session with Jan Harlan isn’t. A shame, as Harlan was both funny, honest and insightful about Kubrick and his filmmaking.

    Which is why I recorded it.


    Afterwards I asked him what had become of the 18 hours of material shot, I believe by Kubrick’s (later estranged) daughter Vivian, for Full Metal Jacket. Unfortunately it seems the sound was lost for most of it, and what remained is what made its way into this and the Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes documentaries. Shame.

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  4. Creative Screenwriting Magazine: Joel & Ethan Coen

    Senior Editor Jeff Goldsmith interviews co-writers and co-directors Joel and Ethan Coen about True Grit

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