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Committed to local church ministry on Guam. Station Manager at KHMG. Capturing and publishing a new image every day in 2019.

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  1. 40th Anniversary Sunday, Pastor Joel Smith

    40th Anniversary Sunday, a message from guest speaker and former pastor, Pastor Joel Smith….

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  2. 40th Anniversary Sunday, Pastor Bob Harris

    40th Anniversary Sunday, with guest speaker and former pastor, Pastor Bob Harris….

    —Huffduffed by alwaysabounding

  3. 40th Anniversary Sunday, Pastor Joel Smith

    40Th Anniversary Sunday,  a message from guest speaker and former pastor, Pastor Joel Smith during the Family Bible Hour….

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  4. What Are You Doing Here?

    Matt Davis speaking in chapel at Maranatha Baptist University in Watertown, WI.

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  5. We were yet sinners - Christopher Harper

    Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. This amazing portion of the salvation story is outlined in this audio devotional from Romans 5:7-8.

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  6. He staggered not - Christopher Harper

    Romans 4:20-21 focuses on Abraham and how he staggered not at the promises of God. This audio devotional is about faith and promises.

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  7. All have sinned - Christopher Harper

    Because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, we all need a Savior. This audio devotional focuses on that fact from Romans 3:23-24.

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  8. According to truth - Christopher Harper

    All of God’s decisions and actions are performed "according to truth." Judgement is the top of this audio devotional from Romans 2:1-2.

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  9. The invisible things - Christopher Harper

    The invisible things of God are clearly seen in His creation. This audio devotional from Romans 1:20-21 emphasizes this important point.

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  10. Ready to preach - Christopher Harper

    Paul believed and was not ashamed, therefore he was ready to preach. We look to his example in this audio devotional from Romans 1:15-16.

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