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Kami selalu berupaya menampilkan manfaat positif dari dunia Desain Grafis bagi aspek kehidupan secara luas. Temukan kaitan Brainwire yang fokus pada pembelajaran dunia desain grafis di

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  1. Adrian Shaughnessy / The Essential Attributes of the Graphic Designer

    Whether you’re new in the game or have been running your design studio for years – in today’s unsteady climate, what does it take to be a successful graphic designer?

    Adrian Shaughnessy, the self taught graphic designer and author of How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul, reviewed essential attributes needed by the modern graphic designer dealing with the competing demands of creativity versus client accountability. Addressing questions such as:

    How can designers balance business discipline and creative freedom?

    What qualities are needed to produce good work and make a living?


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  2. Stefan Sagmeister

    The designer Stefan Sagmeister talks about what moves him and about taking time away from work to recharge and refocus on his work.


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  3. [Podcast] Episode #7: Ryan Singer on the 37signals design process

    "Ryan Singer, who manages 37signals’ products and leads the design team, talks about the company’s design process. He discusses how the design team works with each other and collaborates with programmers. He gives advice to other design/development teams on how to work together smoothly. …"

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