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  1. C3TV -The Untold Story of Edward Snowden’s Escape from Hong Kong

    On June 9, 2013, Edward Snowden revealed massive civil rights abuses by the NSA. On June 10, Snowden didn’t know where to hide.

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  2. C3TV -Durchmarsch von Rechts

    Seit einigen Jahren formieren sich am rechten Rand der Gesellschaft explosionsartig neue rassistische, völkisch-nationalistische und offe…

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  3. BLUE by Joni Mitchell (Full Album Cover by Morgan James)

    Recorded live, in one take at The Samurai Hotel Piano: Roy Dunlap Engineer: David Stoller Shot & Edited by Steve Brickman

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  4. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 177, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie

    The Talk Show

    ‘Surface Curious’, With Special Guest Rene Ritchie

    Wednesday, 28 December 2017

    Rene Ritchie returns to the show. Topics include Siri vs. Alexa, and whether Wynn Las Vegas’s announcement that they’re putting Amazon Echos into their 4,700+ guest rooms is a sign that Amazon is building a meaningful long-term lead in the nascent voice assistant market; Mark Gurman’s week-ago piece for Bloomberg, “How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists”; Consumer Reports’s bizarre but widely-publicized battery test results for the new MacBook Pros; and a brief year in review look at our favorite new Apple products from 2016.

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    Super Mario Run only needs to be purchased once per iTunes account for use on multiple devices, but can only be played on one device (per iTunes account) at a time.

    Wynn Las Vegas is going to put Amazon Echos in its 4,700+ hotel rooms.

    Wynn has not one but two resorts in Macau — Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace — neither of which can use Amazon Echo until Amazon adds support for Chinese.

    Digital Trends: “A Holographic Virtual Girl Lives Inside Japan’s Answer to the Amazon Echo.

    Tim Cook, in a company-wide Q&A: “Some folks in the media have raised the question about whether we’re committed to desktops. If there’s any doubt about that with our teams, let me be very clear: we have great desktops in our roadmap. Nobody should worry about that.”

    Bret Victor: Touch Bar development started at Apple eight years ago. Follow-up tweets here, here, and here.

    Mark Gurman, writing for Bloomberg: “How Apple Alienated Mac Loyalists”.

    Consumer Reports: “New MacBook Pros Fail to Earn Consumer Reports Recommendation”

    Me: “That’s absolutely bonkers.”

    Rene Ritchie: “Consumer Reports Fails to Earn MacBook Pro Credibility”.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  5. Maciej Ceglowski - Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People (Keynote)

    Talk given at WebCamp Zagreb 2016.

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  6. Bullseye With Jesse Thorn End of Year 2016 Comedy Special | Maximum Fun



    The Bullseye team has taken on the terrible task of finding the best of the best comedy albums and bringing them to you in a nice little end of year package. 2016 has been a rough year, so listen to some incredible comedians to celebrate making it through!

    Links have been provided below for all of the comedians you’ve heard on this episode.

    Kyle Kinane - Loose In ChicagoMatt Besser - Matt Besser Breaks The RecordColin Quinn - UnconstitutionalMaria Bamford - 20%Chris Garcia - Laughing and Crying at the Same TimeHari Kondabolu - Mainstream American ComicKamau Bell - Semi-Prominant NegroCameron Esposito - Marriage MaterialRhea Butcher - ButcherAparna Nancherla - Just PUtting It Out ThereJosh Gondleman - Physical WhisperBaron Vaughn - Blaxistential CrisisEmily Maya Mills - By A ThreadBrandie Posey - Opinion CaveTig Notaro - Boyish Girl Interrupted

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  7. Sources and Methods #33: Gabe Weatherhead — Sources & Methods

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  8. Die eingeübte Kranke

    Lässt sich ein gutes Arzt-Patienten-Gespräch erlernen? Die Berliner Charité hat einen Reformstudiengang ins Leben gerufen, in dem genau das geübt werden kann. Simulationspatienten spielen bestimmte Rollen wie eine Frau, die der Schulmedizin misstraut.

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  9. Wir waren vorbereitet

    Nach dem mutmaßlichen Anschlag auf den Weihnachtsmarkt an der Berliner Gedächtniskirche mahnt Stephan Detjen zur Besonnenheit. Schnelle Forderungen nach harten Konsequenzen seien die Früchte der Terrors.

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  10. Somuncu

    Neigen Deutschlands Comedians in jüngster Zeit zum Populismus oder gar zur Pegida-Nähe? Nein, sagt der Kabarettist Serdar Somuncu, nicht einmal Mario Barth. Der denke zwar tendenziell eher reaktionär, sei aber "zu dumm", um ein gefährlicher Populist zu sein.

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