Stories are good, but do you need them?

Adriene Lilly and Olivia Bradley-Skill Stories are good, but do you need them? [Saturday July 18th 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST/11pm CET/ Sunday July 19th 7am Sydney]

A talk with Adriene Lilly and Olivia Bradley-Skill about thinking in sound beyond storytelling. Where to listen to creative, experimental, genre-defying radio/podcast/audio arts and how to start thinking creatively about mixing.

Olivia Bradley-Skill is the music director of WFMU, the longest running freeform station in the US, and a self-described "radio artist." She hosts the weekly three hour program Radio Ravioli on WFMU, which features improvised sound collage, music mixes, live performance, and thoughtful conversation.  

Adriene Lilly is an independent sound designer and radio artist. She hosts the experimental travel series The Blind Tourist on WFMU, helps maintain the feed of LLtNS and has created sound experiments for a variety of audio programs.

Pieces played for criticism purposes in this talk:


Sol Rezza, Rooms in your mind

Olivia’s Show: Radio Ravioli Adriene’s Show: The Blind Tourist

Voice Centric (Narration, Monologue, Theater)

Hearty White, Miracle Nutrition episode from January 24, 2019: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White The Wrong Way to …

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